Watermelon diet

The staple food in a diet — the flesh. You need to eat a few slices of watermelon as a dessert after Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and about 12 o'clock (lunch time) also eat 3-4 slices of juicy watermelon. However, do not exceed: in total can eat up to 2 kg of watermelon a day, but not anymore.

90% of the watermelon diet consists of water. Despite the fact that watermelon is a sugar product, its calorie content is low — not more than 40ккал per 100 g of watermelon pulp. Due to this property the watermelon perfectly nourishes and eliminates feelings of hunger, and almost instantly absorbed.

In addition to water in the watermelon contains large amounts of fiber, which helps to restore the effective functioning of the digestive system and to remove excess liquid from fabrics. So watermelon diet is an excellent remedy against swelling. Along with the water from the cells tissues and skin are washed away harmful substances and toxins so that the skin is cleansed, renewed, becomes more healthy.

For watermelon diet suitable only fresh and ripe fruits. Quality of the fruit peel is thick and if its lightly scrape a fingernail on it does not remain dents, but only slightly "peel" the top thin layer. And important question: how to store watermelon during the watermelon diet. Correct answer: in the refrigerator, wrapped, cut into pieces the fruit in plastic wrap.

At the time of the watermelon diet should focus on protein foods and vegetables, and without from the menu of sweets, fats and alcohol. Latest — fully and without exception. The fact that watermelon combined with alcohol often causes severe stomach upset.

The duration of the watermelon diet should not exceed 10 days, the following course can be done not earlier than a month. These ten days will be enough to end be short of 2-6 pounds.

Besides being a watermelon diet helps to give the figure a seductive, slender shape, she nourishes the body with some nutrients. Among them: potassium, magnesium, valuable vitamins a, C, b vitamins, and vitamin PP.

Little known fact, but giving the watermelon diet, the status of health food: watermelon contains the antioxidant lycopene, known for its anticancer properties. So, watermelon diet can be practiced not only for weight loss but as an effective prevention of cancer.


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