Nutty diet

The main principle of nut and diet — substitute for animal protein that is found in nuts (walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts and almonds).


The diet lasts for 10 days, during which you lose 3 kg In 10 days is possible the consumption of sugar and sweets.

Diet menu:


  • salad of arugula, tomatoes and chopped almonds, olive oil, pita bread, black coffee
  • cottage cheese casserole with sauce from orange juice, sprinkled with almond petals, tea
  • a slice of pizza stuffed with tomatoes, green pepper and goat cheese, sprinkled with crushed cashews

  • soup from potato and fennel, leaves of iceberg lettuce with olive oil and all ground nuts, a glass of vegetable juice (tomato, carrot or pumpkin)
  • soup-puree of broccoli and white mushrooms with sour cream, handful of walnuts, handful of raisins or prunes, a glass of berry juice (strawberry, currant or cherry)
  • tomato soup with Basil, salad with fried potatoes and leaves of Lollo Rosso with mayonnaise, a Cup of unsweetened drinkable yogurt

Afternoon tea

  • a handful of nuts, handful of raisins
  • a handful of nuts, Apple
  • a handful of nuts, handful of dates

  • liquid porridge on the water, herbal tea (chamomile, mint, Melissa)
  • salad of grated carrots with cream or sour cream, stewed prunes and dried apricots
  • salad with pickled cheese, blanched spinach and olive oil, cold hibiscus tea

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