How to do everything?

Just thinking about how many things you need to accomplish today during the day, can drop his hands to clean the apartment, to go to the gym, to understand the new computer software, plan birthday party, prepare for tomorrow's business meeting, etc., etc. And where to get the strength to cope with all this?

To increase internal reserves can certain changes in diet and lifestyle. Below are a few examples. These techniques can be used both at home and at work or school. You'll see, you won't regret it. So the first rule, which is doderzhatsya: "don't skip meals". To maintain normal energy balance in the body breaks down ingested food into glucose, or blood sugar, is the main source of fuel for the brain and constantly sends it to the cells. To feel the strength throughout the day, blood sugar levels must remain at a certain level. If the glucose level is substantially reduced is usually occurs when too much between meals, the person feels lack of energy and apathy. The best option is to prevent a break between meals more than four hours. "Consume balanced meals (proteins, fats and carbohydrates)". It is very important to eat balanced meals – even if you are struggling with excess weight. The combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats promotes the uniform uptake of glucose, i.e. the blood sugar level rises gradually. At the same time, if you eat only carbohydrates, the glucose level in blood rises very sharply and falls, which in an hour or two after eating you feel hungry and fatigue. Similarly, the use of only one protein provides the body with the necessary amount of calories, but does not guarantee the maintenance of normal energy balance. This is because proteins are slowly digested by the body.

"Increase physical activity". Yes, after a workout we feel like a squeezed lemon. But physical activity with average intensity, in fact, increase the energy level in the body. During exercise glucose is consumed. Then the body starts to produce glycogen (the storage form of carbohydrates in liver and muscles) into the bloodstream, causing the person feels much more active. To increase motor activity the need to stand still while talking on the phone and walking the stairs at every opportunity.

"Try to sleep an hour longer". Adults: for maximum efficiency it is recommended to sleep at least eight hours a day. But the results of recent studies indicate that, on average, the adult population was not sleeping more than seven hours a day. Chronic lack of sleep leads to the fact that it becomes difficult to perform even simple tasks, such as, for example, to calculate correctly the girl-the seller gave delivery. What can we say about running multiple things at once or making complex decisions, especially in stressful situations. In General, any more or less difficult the task becomes impossible if the man is tired.

"Give up caffeine". It is believed that caffeine is a good stimulator of the brain. But if you suffer from insomnia, avoid drinking caffeinated drinks in the afternoon.

Also known caffeinated beverages – coffee (103 mg 200-mililitros Cup), tea (36 mg 200-mililitros Cup) and Cola (46,5 mg, 350-mililitros bottle) – don't forget about its hidden sources: chocolate and products containing coffee. Even decaffeinated coffee contains small amount of this substance.

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