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Salt, about which speech will go, now better known as “Adyghe salt”. This unique product is a mixture of various spices, garlic and salt, thus, has many useful properties.

A feature of this product is a unique production technology whereby the beneficial properties of the ingredients used are absorbed into the crystal of salt, respectively, are transferred to prepared dishes.

Today, this valuable salt is gaining popularity due to its unique qualities. All dishes cooked with it is much tastier, and most importantly, useful. Not surprisingly, the majority of people who have tried this delicious salt, plain don't use anymore.

What is so good about "Adyghe salt"?

Firstly, very pleased that using this salt, people drink less amount of salt, getting enough salinity.

Secondly, this unique product contains garlic, the benefits of which know both adults and children. "But what about the smell?" — many will think.

The fact that in addition to the garlic part of the "Adyghe salt" includes many spices such as black pepper, red bell pepper, parsley, dill, savory, coriander, etc. They kill the smell of garlic and salt is passed its useful properties and various trace elements.

Together, this makes salt a useful.

Thirdly, of course, taste. This incomparable salt gives any dish just incredible, rich taste and appetizing aroma.

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