The country where live the most healthy people

They are great live until their 90, and often pass over a mark in 100 years. Their existence distinguishes the health, but the reasons underlying, often refer to the culture. In fact, it's not just that individuals take care of themselves. It's a nationwide phenomenon-based way of life.

Why certain countries are home to the happiest and healthy people on Earth? What do they eat? What their daily habits are different from other societies?


Due to the small population Iceland is one of the least polluted countries in the world. But clean air is not the only cause of the health of Icelanders. They also do well in gymnastics. Due to the cool weather of a large part of the year, the residents of Iceland are engaged in physical activity, including to defeat the winter Blues. The country has one of the highest life expectancies (72 for men and 74 for women). It also has one of the lowest child mortality rate (2 deaths per 1,000 children). Forbes magazine estimated Iceland as the healthiest country in the world.


The world health organization (WHO) calculated the countries where people live completely healthy for the longest time. Japan topped the list with 74,5 years. This is largely due to diet.

"Every food in Japan looks like a work of art. The food is both beautiful, delicious and easy," says fitness expert Harley Pasternak magazine Empower News Magazine. "They are the biggest consumers of fish in the world, soy, sea algae and green tea. When they are already 80% full, they pause and wait for 10 minutes. Then decide to continue or not. And in most cases they are fed and do not need to continue eating".


Government policy encourages a healthy lifestyle, including a positive balance of work and leisure. The population loves to play in the fresh air and stunning scenery with hills, mountains and glacial lakes it is easy – says National Geographic. In addition, because of the location of Sweden, the diet of the inhabitants contains a large amount of fish and omega fatty acids. Their cooking techniques also indicate the health of the nation. Instead of using the plentiful oil they brew, ferment, and dry zakapyvat their products.


Okinawa is a Prefecture of Japan. However, it deserves special mention because it is considered that live there are the healthiest people on Earth. According to the Okinawa Centenarian study (centenarians of Okinawa), the ratio of centenarians, aged 100 years, there may be the highest in the world – approximately 50 per 100,000. Live here and superdelegates – people who have reached 110 years. The Okinawans explain their not only long, but healthy and happy life to those that eat tons of local fruits and vegetables as well as tofu (soy cheese) and seaweed. For their life is also characterized by a strict daily activity and relatively low stress.

New Zealand

As in Iceland, a lower population and less pollution make New Zealand a great place as a home. New Zealanders love outdoor activities such as Hiking, trekking with the device halts on the nature, fishing. Overall is a great place to embark on a healthy lifestyle. No matter where you live, you are always in a 90-minute drive from the ocean.

“Plus, here, an abundance of healthy natural foods. We eat fresh seafood (we often catch it ourselves) and local organic fruits and vegetables. Everything here is something is grown, and the neighbors put up their harvest for sale. We get fresh lettuce in the school where our children are learning and avocado – in your own garden, and kiwis, apples and plums – the neighbors,” says Jill Chalmers who moved to New Zelandii to her husband.


Sardinia is an Autonomous region of Italy, where a large number of centenarian centenarians. In Sardinia there is clearly a sense of community. People linked by close ties, and the elderly often live with their families. Men here often work as shepherds and are on a 5-mile (8 km) per day. A diet consists of pellets of whole grains, green beans, tomatoes, greens, garlic, various fruits, olive oil and Pecorino cheese from grazing sheep (which is high in omega 3).


According to Forbes, only 30 years ago Finland was hit by one of the highest levels of mortality from heart failure. As a result, the country has taken decisive steps to promote a healthy lifestyle. The number of smokers decreased significantly, and the consumption of fruits and vegetables has almost doubled. This is a good example of what can be achieved if desired.

Although long, healthy life depends on various factors, these countries have much in common. Many of them do not suffer from pollution, makes the priority control of the stress and a favorable balance of work and leisure. They rarely eat meat, if eaten at all. Source of protein is fish, and tofu. And while they abundantly use of local fruits and vegetables.


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