"Borjomi" for weight loss

According to nutritionists, people who are overweight need to drink fluids more than ordinary person, because their body greatly reduced water content. Therefore it is recommended to focus on mineral water containing ions of bicarbonate, sodium sulfate, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, for example, "Borjomi". This water has a good effect on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism and improves formation of adenosine triphosphate, the decay of which releases energy.

Mineral water "Borjomi" significantly improves on the digestive tract, regulates the acidity. Drinking while eating or after, water improves digestion. Thanks to its unique complex of minerals of volcanic origin of Borjomi perfectly cleanses the body.

You should focus on the fact that people who are overweight, doctors recommend to avoid strongly carbonated water, as it stimulates the production of gastric juice, and thus provokes a feeling of hunger, thus constantly hungry. So people who want to lose weight before drinking water "Borjomi", it is recommended to leave it carbon dioxide, simply shake well and leave open.

As "Borjomi" has a balanced mineral composition, many traditionally drink it as a dining room. It also promotes the excretion of toxins and improves bowel. The water "Borjomi" is recommended to drink even for children, it is useful for everyone.

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