"The Edge Effect": landscape photography by Daniel Kukla

New York photographer Daniel Kukla creates fascinating works of art, in addition to using the camera, just a simple mirror in a square frame. The doll came up with a striking but simple in fact the idea: how to fit in one object of two elements of the same landscape. So there was a photocycle called "The Edge Effect".

Inspiration Dolls contributed to the beauty of the national Park Joshua tree, located in California. The plants and the harsh hills perfectly infused into the local environment and of themselves. But in the works of "The Edge Effect" gives them an extra dimension.

The photos, which displayed at once the earth and sky, mountain and desert, give a new idea of "panoramic pictures". On the author's works we see a separate part of the landscape, which are adjusted to each other.

Today photography is increasingly replacing the consciousness of a modern man painting, but landscape art still remains in first place in "traditional" artists. Doll strongly persists this tradition: all of his work, though shot on film, look no less elegant than the watercolor. With a simple, but at the same time extraordinary ideas, he turned the Joshua tree from the local attractions in the fabulous unforgettable "Wonderland."

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