Chocolate pasta diet

Almost all of us love chocolate, and when dieting, it is the most affected because of the inability to deliver a nice, after eating a piece of "black gold".

Meanwhile, chocolate is not a harmful product. We are talking about the amount of sweets that you load into your body. Actually, chocolate is quite a good antioxidant, helps reduce cholesterol in blood and improves the cardiovascular system. Anyway — it definitely improves mood.

It is based on the following wonderful products:

1. Pasta (spaghetti, noodles, shells and other solid pasta)

2. Pasta sauces (low-fat, mostly without meat, though there are exceptions in the form of small pieces of white meat)

3. Salads (with low fat dressings, no croutons)

4. Vegetables

5. Fresh fruit

6. Popcorn (cooked without oil and salt). Toppings for popcorn may include low-fat butter, vegetable additives, dry garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, hot pepper or grated Parmesan.

7. Chocolate(30 Gramps day)

8. Water (2 liters per day)

Chocolate diet allows the mixing of all these products and snacking between meals. You can also use the products in any form. For example, Monday Breakfast whole fruit, Tuesday — to build a morning fruit salad, and on Wednesday to celebrate the start of the day applesauce.

A great feature of this diet is that fasting is anti-productive. That is not something that you do not need and even harmful to starve yourself. Therefore, to intercept the pieces between Breakfast and lunch is recommended. The chocolate will also help you to stay cheerful and energetic. However, you cannot exceed a specified rate, -30 Gramps day. Basically, if the chocolate is as tempting to you as, say, the waffle cake or shortbread, you can substitute the chocolate with your favorite "non-diet" product. The main thing — not to go beyond the specified weight.

What should be avoided:

1. Alcoholic drinks

2. Salt/potassium

3. Sugar (sugar substitutes)

4. Vegetable oil

5. "Fatty" fruits (avocado, olives, coconut)

6. Fruits with high sugar content (raisins, dates)

7. Fried foods

8. Dairy products

9. Red meat

10. Nuts and seeds

11. Dzhankfud like chips, sweets, cupcakes and so on

12. Coffee and caffeine

13. High-calorie sodas.

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