How much meat do you need sedate man?

With age the body men tend to lose muscle mass, however, scientists have found a good way to slow or even stop the process — you need every day to use in food meat and regularly receives physical activity.

Professionals McMaster University tried to find out the minimum norm of consumption of meat, which is essential for maintaining muscle mass in excellent condition middle-aged men. In the study participated the representatives of the stronger part of humanity who are constantly engaged in the gym.

The study results were very surprising, was the amount of meat that men want to maintain muscle mass, should be almost 2 times more than previously thought. To date, the experts were confident that the man needs to eat at least 80 grams of meat in one meal to provide protein in the body. So how much meat you need every day to eat a man? Good thinking and weighing all the scientists declare with all responsibility that 170 g, this is the perfect norm.

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