A Scottish fisherman has found the oldest message in a bottle

In many adventure novels there is mention of a message in a bottle. One of these bottles was the beginning of a little story for one of the Scottish skipper. In the hands of the Scot, as it turned out, got the old message, which has already attracted the attention of the Guinness Book.

The name of the lucky recipient Andrew lieper, he found a bottle in the North sea off the Shetland Islands. When the man opened the bottle and read the message, it became clear that the message almost 98лет.

The previous record belongs to a 92-year-old message, which, oddly enough, fished out the other Andrew, mark Anderson in 2006.

Fortunately, the message found Lieper, was not the call of help, and the postcard with a request to specify the date of the finding and send a letter to the head of the Fishing Board of Scotland. Fulfilled this condition, was entitled to a reward of six pence. This message is sent to the sea captain K. H. brown in 1914.

This bottle, according Disсovery News, is one of nearly two thousand vessels that were thrown into the sea for research purposes.

Scientist bill Terrell of the Scottish Association of marine research said that most of the cast in those days in the water bottles really had the benefit of some discovery. Thus, there are messages found that currents bend around the coast of Scotland in a clockwise direction.

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