To eat or not to eat meat athletes?

To date, the most popular question in the field of food and sports to pump if possible, not eating meat? Let's talk about whether we can accelerate the process of muscle growth, without meat products.

To argue on this subject can be very long and hard. So I will start from the most important - personal experience. Why? Because there are many opinions, both from the point of view of modern and traditional medicine, which recommends to eat meat, and from ordinary people. Both written and said that no meat products difficult man to live, he does not get certain nutrients, amino acids and other necessary elements for the functioning of the human organism. On the other hand, there is a group of people who do not consume meat and proves the opposite: people healthier, receives all necessary substances from plant foods and the person does not need meat. My personal opinion is no need to interfere and argue on this subject. Each person is different, everyone has their own resolution of the body, and everyone must understand for himself need it or not.

When something for myself, I made a choice, and for more than 2 years old do not use meat products in general. Moreover, I have a very long time I eat only fresh food. Many of these people are called raw foodists. And I have this philosophy rasshifrovuyu simple: I use fresh food that it for many years, even longer than that I do not eat meat. Why do not you eat meat? Everything is very simple! Not for reasons of ethical or humane as killing animals. I do not eat meat only because I did not want to harm their health.

Later, after some time, I began to think that, really, the little animals - such as living beings, like us, they understand, like and do not want to lose their own kind. But at the beginning of his career without meat, for me it was just an experiment. And you need to experiment carefully. Because, often, no longer eat meat, some people get sick. Why is this happening? And why I recommend not to refuse categorically and immediately and conduct an experiment? To a man try and see how it is - I do not eat meat. Attention! It is important to understand, to understand what foods to eat, what to replace meat products.

There are many examples where vegetarians get sick, giving up meat. But why? Because when a person stops eating meat, it is with a sense of hunger, he feels that he lacks something. Such sensations occur on a psychological level, not physiological. It turns out that people constantly want to fill your stomach. Naturally, the people ignorant, uncomprehending the basics of proper nutrition, not versed in the classical nutrition, develops, pardon the jargon, to "eat" all in a row:. Sweet, flour, chocolate, etc. The body is applied more damage than when people eat meat. Therefore, dear reader, it is important to gradually and systematically, without fanaticism approach the issue of nutrition, especially vegetarians.

And for lovers of meat dishes, there is a simple rule of thumb: if you consume meat products, do not mix them with carbohydrates, eat a lot of greens. If you eat meat, you should, at least, at least, to give up pork. Stay on the bird, but do not eat pork and reduce the amount of beef. If you consume meat products, combine them with just vegetables and meat porridge divide. This is a simple rule that will help every carnivore less harm to the organism. I always say: choose the best of the worst

. An example from personal experience to be more approachable and real. Therefore, I tell your story. When I stopped eating meat, I began to lose muscle mass. Yes! He began to lose weight, I had a certain crisis, not a psychological balance. But it normal. Why? Because at that time I was not fully versed in nutrition, and still do not fully understand, because to this day I get new knowledge. Every day I dedicate to self-education. Here is an example. As a child, the child does not know how to eat. After 10 years, he has certain knowledge, after 10 years a person can become a nutritionist or a doctor, or a specialist in any field related to dietetics and nutrition. Conclusion: every day we need to study, to learn something new. It is necessary to read the literature, broadens the mind, associate with successful people, to feel the need for further growth.

And, after all, back to the specific question of how to build muscle, how to keep your fitness, it does not lose weight, not eating meat products? Elementary! We need to eat a lot of plant food that contains a lot of vegetable protein, to a greater extent to choose a green food rich in amino acids. Do you have a lot of questions on this statement, a lot of criticism and comments about the fact that animal protein is different from the plant. Yes, I agree. And tell me, what is protein? In school, we all learned that it is a spiral consisting of a set of amino acids. When the protein gets us into the body, it is broken down into amino acids. We will not delve into the biochemistry and rub the dust in the eyes of others who do not understand this. Let's talk about the practice. For over 2 years, I do not eat meat and was able to gain muscle mass. Yes, I'm dry, I do not have excess fat, its percentage is minimal. As a result, I began to weigh more than when I used the meat products. This result, I received only vegetable and fresh food.

What are the products still need to eat? A -. A lot of them
In the first place - a lot of greens. In my diet there is a large amount of green chlorophyll, spinach, parsley, cilantro. It is more difficult in the winter, except on the windowsill can grow. you can eat a lot of fruit this time of year. Yes, they do not contain many vitamins, but in the summer, but still fill the body with nutrients.

Cereals. Variety of cereals is very big. In the first place - buckwheat, not fried. Millet - porridge rich in carbohydrates, protein, it is this cereal is useful for athletes: it contains a lot of potassium, which is useful for the cardiovascular system. Rice - I eat it raw, not polished. Also useful porridge from barley, oatmeal. Oatmeal has a very tasty, if a pre-soaked in yogurt. Method of cereals is simple: do not need to cook! Cereals, I soaked, heated, not boiling, then to porridge for 10-15 minutes. It is the ideal breakfast for me.

Nuts: walnuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts. I love all kinds.

Seeds. Do sunflower seeds, pumpkin, and the first place I have flax seeds. Why them? Because they have a lot of saturated essential fats: omega 3, omega 6; a lot of protein, which in its structure is very close to the human protein, so it is easily digested.

Bee products. In my house there is no sugar at all. I do not eat sugar. I use honey, pollen and royal jelly. For me it is right tidbit. I get a buzz from it and enjoy: bee products is not just delicious, but also useful! Yes, many strict vegans are now rise up for what I took away from the bees of their food and so on., But it is my choice and now I have this opinion, which I think is right (it is possible that things may be different in the future) . I at this time do not eat only meat products only and svezheed)

Fruit. I eat them every day.

Vegetables. I eat a lot of cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, beets. Absolutely all kinds of vegetables. Recommendation: If you are unsure as to the kind of products, eat them along with the skin. This applies both to the vegetables, and to the fruit. After all, we all know that it is in the skins contains large amounts of essential human substances. That fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of fiber. Especially for athletes, it is important to consume a large amount of fiber daily. Fiber - the best assistant in the intestinal cleansing and body as a whole. Because eminent athletes, bodybuilders, pauerliftery and those involved in power sports, consume a lot of fiber, natural products, as well as sports nutrition in addition to normal.

On the question of whether I drink sports nutrition, and being vegetarian svezheedom answer - no, before that time, I did not use it. I did without him. I will say more. Many years ago, when I was young and inexperienced, I did not understand what proper nutrition, I was just an athlete who used functional food, simple food. But the experience - a useful thing, and we have to apply it in their lives. To date, I have engaged in the production of sports nutrition and, of course, when I started this business, it began to use special products for athletes, but only their own production, of course. It is not synthesized drugs, and only natural raw materials.

Short summary. After the experiment has come to the conclusion that I began to feel better without meat, meatless me well. It became easier to live, it is easier to travel. When I eat meat, I had little energy. This is due to the fact that when a piece of this substance is digested by the body a huge amount of energy you need to spend. Moreover, we all know, and it is proved that about 30% meat in our intestines is not absorbed, it rots. Accordingly, the processes of decay need something to knock down and our body tries to cope with it, wasting even more energy. It turns out that all its resources, our body sends out to cope with the meat. Why do I need it? I do not need it. I need energy to travel, to live and enjoy. I need energy to exercise, and use exercise I have a lot, because I have been doing different directions: windsurfing, jogging, cycling, street workout and amateur arts. Also, I go to the gym. For me it is important to conserve energy, that's why I do not use meat products.

Finally I would like to note that, unfortunately, now many have become critics and whiners. Alas, those who eat meat, criticized vegetarians, vegans, lacto-vegetarians, fruktoedov and vice versa. Those who do not consume meat products, very angry are meat-eaters. I urge all not to escalate the situation, do not be angry people. Be reasonable and sooner or later the people will make their choice and become aware. We are to love, we must respect every opinion and then our world will change for the better!


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