Tim Van Order - runner rawfoodist

Tim Van Order - another man, proved to the world and to himself, that a raw food diet is not an ordinary culture, in its interior lies a more serious philosophy that allows a person not just a time to dispense raw food, but also to live by feeding exclusively of

The point is that Tim - athlete, who has since 1998 refused to animal food, becoming a vegan, and in 2004 decided to add such a decision even raw food diet

. Tim, a professional runner, forced to listen to a great variety of issues related to a lack of nutrients, which should hardly be enough for a normal life, not to mention sports. Most often, he was asked about the protein and those foods where he gets it.

As the athlete himself - "this question is rather rhetorical, as many did not even try to understand how a person can get the protein. But these methods are very diverse. I, for example, try to get protein from vegetables and fruits. Sami these proteins, called enzymes, their best "to produce" fresh vegetables, without subjecting them to any influence. Thus, one can obtain the desired amount of protein, without the need to derive it from the animal food. And if I ask - is there a place raw food in the sport, I boldly say - "Yes, there is!". "


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