How to make friends with the mother

Mother-in-law — the observer: it is only watching your life, not fit into your family, scattered advice.The mother-artist: for her daughter yet is still a little girl, and nobody will be able to do something better like her. Such mother-in-law dedicate their lives to their children and grandchildren, they are distinguished by their energy and positive attitude to life.

Mother-in-law victim: she may show how you offended, and cleverly make you extreme that even you doubt the correctness. Mother-in-law-Velcro: obsessive, she is just everywhere where you do not throw the eye and to hide from it does not seem possible. This mother-in-law is able to show how fond son-in-law, brings him gifts, making delicious. But there is a flip side, all of a sudden the son starts to Express some his anger and he becomes enemy No. 1. If the son-in-law will dance to the tune of mother in law along to bring his wife here a whiff of divorce because the mother is so exalted him, and he realized he deserves the best wife. To avoid such a turn of events, don't let her wash your clothes and towels, do not discuss his wife.

With steam, you just have to learn to communicate kindly, because older people perceive disrespect in pain and need attention. Buy from time to time, flowers, chocolates and books — they love it. And don't forget to call and ask about the state of health — a gesture they will greatly appreciate. And in any case, the birthday of mother-in-law in front of the guests do not abuse alcoholic beverages — if you are drunk starts swinging his fists or use swear words she will remember this gift. Don't say something bad about her, then your young children do not progovarivat that their grandmother cockroaches in my head, and told them dad. Don't remind about age and then friendship with the mother you provided.

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