The best ways to relieve fatigue of the feet?

With accelerated pace of life, a huge burden rests on the lower limbs. I want to introduce simple rules, the implementation of which helps to prolong youth and health of your feet.
If you have to sit a long time, you need to take short breaks for 6-10 minutes every hour. During this holiday you need to get up, walk a little trample on one place.

If you walk a lot and feel extremely tired feet, then resting. You need to sit in a chair and give the lower limbs elevated position, for example, to fold the legs on the chair. This will give a good outflow of venous blood and lymph, and in 20 minutes you can return to your business.
In the evening do self-massage or massage with light circular movements from below upwards, lasting ten minutes. Then apply the cream.

In summer, do foot baths with cool water, helps exercise swimming. The heat is a huge burden on the cardiovascular system, and the water will cool the body.
Need not forget that long walk in high heels also increases the load on the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system, so if you planned a hard day on her feet, choose comfortable shoes with a small heel.
If you have the evening edema, severe fatigue, spider stars or veins in the legs, an urgent need to see a doctor-angiosurgeon. Do not self-medicate. Stay healthy!

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