Sony has learned to extract energy from the paper

In the framework opened in Tokyo of an exhibition of environmentally friendly products, Sony showed the world a bio-battery that can generate energy from ordinary paper. As an example, the electronics manufacturer showed a fan that is powered by this battery. First, the company showed the project "sugar battery" in 2009, and now they were able to change the size of the battery to a small sheet.

At the exhibition the representatives of the company gave the opportunity for children themselves to try to produce electricity. They had to put paper into a mixture of water and enzyme, then shake and after these easy actions to wait a few minutes. As a result, the liquid turned into a source of energy, which was fed by a small fan.
According to the Manager on public relations of Sony: "the Basis of this technology is the principle of termites eating wood.

The Manager said, as a bio-battery is not in itself of harmful substances and metals, it is recognized as environmentally friendly, moreover, its potential applications are quite high. But this technology is still far from mass adoption, as the amount of electricity generated is not yet able to meet the needs of our technological society. Now, the power of this bio-battery is only enough to power small handheld devices.

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