The mystery of altitude sickness – solved

Mountain sickness, its symptoms are: headache, body aches, nausea, upset stomach, and sometimes loss of consciousness. And sometimes the opposite – euphoria. Mountain sickness is the result of oxygen starvation – such is the effect of height.

First tell, that prevents:

Prevents "stone in the bosom":)

For wagering patterns – roles such as "victim" or "tough guy", you need energy, which on the heights of the deficit. Energy need to stay in the role. "The whiner" – whine — loud enough to deserve attention and support. "Cool guy" — his teeth, suppressing the signs of fatigue, and breaking into the top to be the first, and also to attract attention and approval.

In life – this lot is found. In life, it brings the attention and "emotional stroking".

Many people depend on approval. Will not be mistaken if I say — almost all depend on it. Few people will continue to do what they do, considering it important, even if no one from the environment will not be thanking them, approve, and maintain it. If we will put them close to face the choice of denying the value of what they are doing — many will choose approval. Will miss "my destiny" – wear a sad face or smile politely – that, in fact, one and the same, and in my head, to prove to myself that it's better for everyone; and the fact that they wanted unrealistic, unsustainable, and do not need anyone – time favorite: mom, Bob, Tanya, Kate does not approve.

It is good to find a circle of like-minded people – so as not to break. Otherwise, it is a manipulative relationship "drag blanket" or "war for the right to be yourself"

Manipulators (read – normal people) in the mountains quickly pererastayut your hand, ignoring its true needs. Sacrificing them for the sake of reputation and Rada for relationship overstrained; wishful thinking. And these "games" they stuck tune into the stream state.

Of oxygen dissolved in the air at serious altitudes, it becomes less. The serious climbers on the heights, not to play social games — to think of nothing. There happens to be "Zen" state of the enlightened person – the purity and clarity — and for this, I suspect, many people go to the mountains. For the enlightenment.

The mountains remove all superficial. Learn to hear themselves, to feel their desires, their speed and distinguish them from others. The mountain is a litmus test: it shows the difference between "seem" and "be".

Honesty is always beautiful. No energy left to "keep face". Will, sport, "but not weak" ends somewhere in the 2000 and 3000 then requires a more subtle and gentle to his condition. At high altitudes, so just do not have the energy for violence in a slide mask and a chance to feel like a present and secured in it. Even people's faces become symmetric as before death.

And now that helps:

Able to negotiate with the body: to enter the mode, which is called "hear themselves."

It is believed that we are what below the neck. The body is our "heat" method to move, to breathe, to feel – in a word of personal energy that makes us who we are. The head is another question, who is it? There's a collection of files, quotations, opinions about "life" is often a collection of untested body of beliefs borrowed from charismatic influential people that cannot be trusted. Here the body and does not trust.

Agree with the body; enabling the regime to "young naturalist" with attention to his needs, watching him like a wild animal letting it find your pace, giving him respite and time feeding him, asking him what helps him to go. And listening to his answers — to enrich the mind by personal experience. Then the body will feel the confidence of his master, stops needless strain and wasting energy on fears and resistance that is wasted.

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