Fasting is a proven method of cleaning the body

1. The time of posts varies, but always coincides with the period of active sun. With the help of solar radiation, the person receives additional recharge energy and is easier to tolerate prohibitions in food. This is an important positive difference in post from a regular diet.


2. Fasting — the process is quite individual: it is necessary to consider their health and to monitor health during this period. Especially if there is a deviation in health and chronic disease.
3. A full post is not just physical, but also spiritual components. Many people are drawn to fasting for the purpose of physical recovery, and this process will be much more effective if you follow all the rules.


Even if you're not a religious person, the food needs to say thankyou for the food – this will give the chance to consciousness to escape from worries and to prepare the body for good digestion.
For less talking and concentrate on chewing food.
— Do not eat too cold food, spicy or hot.
— Not to be upset and to criticize the food, even if it is not to your liking.
— To put on the table as much food as you can eat at one time, to the end of the meal there was not one crumb.

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