Personal trainer for weight loss - hula-hoops

It is not necessary to visit a gym to do you can in the comfort of your own home, using well-known since the hula Hoop. Hula hooping for weight loss – this interesting subject is dealt with in our article.

The effectiveness of training

It would seem that what benefits we can provide simple Hoop? In fact, the subject is able to actively work different muscle groups that the most favorable impact on the shape (the fat goes and muscle tone increases). Classes with hula Hoop:
• Train the cardiovascular system
• Massage the intestines
• Increase blood flow
• Relieve congestion
• Improve body tone
• Improve coordination
• Strengthen the muscles of the arms, legs and back, considerably increase obliques
• Develop flexibility and plasticity

Selection of hula hoops

Buy a hula Hoop in a sports store. Depending on the degree of fitness, you can choose either the lightweight version (plastic or aluminum wrap), and weighted model. Light hoops weigh 1-1.6 kg (ideal for beginners). The average level of physical development correspond to the hoops weighing 1.6-2 kg. "Advanced" users will have a heavier model (2.3-3 kg).

It is important to remember that, and light, and weighted models provide advantages. Hoops weighing less than 1.6 kg, hard to keep on the body, so a person spends in the classroom a lot of energy. Heavy hulahoop easier to hold on the body, but they effectively break up fat deposits in the waist and abdomen. Weighted model hulahoop on the inner perimeter can be equipped with additional elements (magnetic inserts, rubber balls, etc.).

The hula Hoop must be chosen in accordance with their own growth (diameter of wrap in the range 90-120 cm). Will help you decide on a simple action: the edge of the hula Hoop down on the floor, the upper limit should be slightly above waist level. Important point: hoops with a small diameter is forced to spend more energy than similar models of large diameter. If you want to improve the effectiveness of training, as the addiction go to the "small" model. Everything else, they can be used for study of muscles of hands, feet and even neck. The ideal material of the wrap is flexible plastic.

Remember that the presence of gynecological diseases and problems with the skeletal or muscular system can be a contraindication to employment with the hula Hoop (consult your doctor). Also consult with a specialist in the presence of old injuries.

Exercises with the hula Hoop

Hula hooping promotes weight loss. To exercise with a Hoop in need of free space. Each training session should take 15-30 minutes (depending on level). First, determine the optimal heart rate. During training it should not exceed 60-80% of maximum heart rate, which is determined by the formula: 220 – age. To control heart rate during training will help you a heart rate monitor. Intense rate of rotation of the Hoop every minutes burns about 10 calories. Keep your hands at chest level, connecting them in his hands in front of him or pressed to the sides. Also can position your palm on the back of his head.

• In a standing position, legs slightly bent at the knees (position cushioning the knee). Put one foot in front of the other. Set hand movement and twist the Hoop (you can change the speed of rotation or to maintain a constant temp). Change direction (spin 10 times in each direction, change the direction 20-30 times). Change the position of the feet – after a few minutes of exercise, place them parallel to each other (at a distance equal to shoulder width or slightly narrower).
• SP the same. Start to move around the room without reducing the rate of rotation (3-5 minutes).
• SP the same. Squat and rise, without stopping to rotate the Hoop (10-15 times).
• SP the same. Spinning the hula Hoop, do lunges back, one or the other leg (keep back straight).
• Tilt your body to the floor (to parallel or just above – the wrap should not touch the floor). Spin the hula Hoop (in the work involved not only the muscles of the back and belly active load is subjected to muscles of the legs and back).

As practice shows, hula hooping for weight loss to use. Even if you exercise regularly at the gym, the wrap will not be superfluous (it will as soon as possible to break the fat deposits on the abdomen and buttocks). Unfortunately, training with a Hoop, are not without their drawbacks: at first, the body may be covered with bruises. Need to deal with on a regular basis – without it, to achieve visible results will fail.





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