Start hardening need from a very early age

Hardening is a set of measures which aim to strengthen protective functions of an organism and protect it against negative environmental influences. If the hardening is done properly, the child (or adult) will get stronger, will not got a cold and infection will bypass it.

Literally from the first days of life when changing diapers, diapers or clothing do not just clothe a baby – the first air baths he needs to take a very short time (2-3 minutes), and the temperature in the room should be 22°C. Subsequently, the duration of the bath gradually increases and reaches 30 minutes, if baby is six months or more. To increase the Wellness effect, turn the baby from back to tummy and do a light massage and simple gymnastic exercises.

When your son or daughter will be two months, start cold water. First is a wet wiping of the body with warm (35°C), and then more cool water. Rubbing should start with the hands, then the chest, back and legs. It is necessary to carry out strokes in the course of blood flow from the periphery to the center of the brush – to-shoulder, from foot to thigh, etc as the child grows, the water temperature gradually (and very carefully) cut: each week – one degree.

If the baby is not lethargic, not Moody and not too excitable, you can start pouring literally from the first weeks of life. First, the water temperature should be equal body temperature, and every two weeks it reduces gradually working up to 26°C. the Duration of this effective procedure – no more than 1-2 minutes.



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