Surprisingly effective exercises for tightening the arms

Before you start doing exercises for beautiful underarms, a good "wave" the arms, do exercises and train the muscles of the body. If you want to improve the shape, is to learn to work with your body!

For these exercises you will need in advance to stock up with a towel (not too short to be able to keep him at a distance of outstretched arms), a child's rubber ball (not much heavy and of a diameter not exceeding 35 centimeters) and the usual sofa cushion.

Exercises should be performed at least 3-4 times a week, otherwise the result is not see!

With the ball:

take in the palm of children's rubber ball and hold it over your head, tensing and relaxing your grip on the ball. You should also turn it quick to do the exercise, then as much to compress the ball for a long time (ie, long), thus changing the pace of the exercise. Then put your hand in front of chest and do the same. The same exercises do with the hands lowered to the hip level.

With a towel:

have a towel to hand so that the distance between the palms was 60 cm. Raise your arms above your head, strain tighten and relax the muscles. Then do it in the position of the hands in front of chest and at the hips (i.e., the same posture, like with a ball). By the way, is an exercise for your chest is helpful because it tightens the muscles, making it more beautiful.

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