Three effective exercises for a beautiful neck

The neck did not issue your real age, take for a rule daily to fulfill three simple exercises.

1. Strain the muscles of the neck to the corners of the mouth stretched in different directions, and count to 15. Repeat 3 times.

2. Tilt the head forward, turn it slowly and smoothly left and right 15 times in each direction.

3. Take into the teeth of the pencil and write in the air all the letters of the alphabet. repeat two times.

Don't forget a daily moisturizer or a special lifting cream for neck and décolleté. Apply them on the skin with gentle strokes from the chin to the chest.

Health is not only proper nutrition, daily routine and a positive attitude, and competent physical activity that can and need to organize.

This is how you can maintain and strengthen health, and also to form their body beautiful and the mood of success.




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