Gadgets for the grill and BBQ

What could be more appetizing food with smoke — cooked outdoors over charcoal or open fire?

Arsenal to grill and BBQ Rattling knives — kitchen knives and forks, installing grills and barbecue grill, checking their actions with the devices, we start the butchering and cooking of chicken meat. This work requires not only knowledge, but also properly selected utensils. About kitchen utensils for cooking chicken on an open fire and we'll talk.

We are interested in how gadgets for cutting and marinating meats, and various appliances which will make cooking for the grill easier.

Knife and fork for meat Fiskars Functional Form

Ergonomic handle is coated with Softouch molded and pressed into the body of the blade podavlenie. This provides the antibacterial device. For convenience and safety on the handle there is a special emphasis to the fingers when cutting from slipping. The blade is made of high quality Japanese stainless steel. The fork will help to cope even with large pieces.

Double skewers Forester

Large pieces of meat, such as lamb on the bone, it is not always convenient to cook on a normal skewer — it tries to tip over or slide off. A great solution for cooking any meat on the bone will be double skewers.

The spokes of these skewers securely attach the piece and ensure uniform cooking on all sides.

Special slider you can easily remove the kebabs after cooking, without dirtying the hands. A wooden handle will protect from burns. By purchasing this device, you put aside the traditional skewers. Unnecessary.

Tamahagane knives from Kataoka and Company

These Japanese knives are fully justifies its name — "precious steel". They are forged by hand from several layers of steel of different degrees of hardness. Due to this, the blade is protected from stains and deformation, and excellent cutting quality of the device is preserved as long as possible. Knives sharpened at the factory to razor sharpness.

Grill pan c-stick coating Forester

Grill pan c-stick coating Forester is designed for cooking meat, poultry, fish and vegetables on the coals and an open fire.This is a pan with holes, which possesses excellent heat, — in fact, the analogue of a barbecue grill.

The non-stick coating ensure perfect frying without adhesion, and a special antennae-clamps securely fasten the pan on the grill.

Fryer is quite large. The dimensions of the working area: the bottom — 19x19 cm, top: 30x30 cm, height — 6.5 cm. Excellent purchase!

Tenderizer for meat, Tenderizer Mr. Biff

With this tool, having three rows of sharp steel blades, the meat can be beat without the noise and splashing. If in the process of beating add the spices, the blades of the tool will enter inside the meat.

This treatment the marinating time is reduced by 80%, and cooking by 50%. The result — juicy and tender meat!

Set grill Gourmet BBQ System

Set of accessories for the grill Gourmet BBQ System will make your charcoal grill a real outdoor kitchen.

The grill Gourmet is specifically designed for cooking steaks: the meat will remain tasty strips — brand trail bars-grill.

Cast iron skillet and a wok to make the cooking smoky dishes such that you usually would not come to mind to do on the grill, from risotto and sautéed vegetables to roasted potatoes. The range of dishes that can be cooked on the grill, and wide — and you can extend it again and again!

Stone grill, Hot Stone Grill Large

A special stone for cooking on the grill is a good option not only for outdoors, but for the home. Meat it turns out juicy and useful, because oil or other fats you need.

Stone grill is practically safe. On the stone to prepare food for eight people.

Bucket BBQ grill Esshertdesign

Bucket BBQ grill Esshertdesign — a handy accessory for baking and grilling. The bucket is made of robust galvanized metal that is resistant to very high temperatures.

The holes will provide traction or ventilation. The set includes a removable colander and grille cover with a convenient handle.

The ability to disassemble the 12-liter bucket into two parts makes the gadget very portable.

Have a nice picnic!



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