Game rules—how to understand man

Woman thinks about the wedding as soon as realizes she's in love (and sometimes much earlier). But what's the point if no response of interest? Author of psychological trainings Alice Metelina in the book "Rules of the game of Men" helps to understand where lies the deception and where it is possible to hope for a happy development of our relations.

It's a shame that even when you are well together, for men it is not always a reason to think about a future together."That disappointment did not happen, we will use the good old principle of"forewarned, forearmed!".

1."The man is in no hurry to acquaint you with their friends."It is clear that it's not about the period that is not allow you just to break away from each other. But then the man who is proud of his choice, can not wait to boast in the close circle. Maybe you really was not his dream?

2."Not acquaints with the parents."This is alarming, but it is important to know why. Family is not always ready to support the choice even beloved son, not to mention those cases where the situation there is tense."This is not always a manifestation of carelessness men," explains the author.

3."During joint appearances, he is suspended and rarely looks at you."You may think that he is ashamed of your presence or distracted by other women. The author commented:"he's Probably just bored with you".

4."Drink alcohol at every meeting".This behavior may indicate a lack of confidence, but other explanations don't sound comforting."There is a high probability that next to a man-a holiday. He wants to have fun and he is ready to no-obligation relationship."

5. "Occasional meetings and phone calls".Do not be naive, employment and business will never interfere with the desire to always know where my favorite and that with her."Most likely, he is married and he has a lot of female names in a notebook, and he is with you in the "harem".

6."Scolds your ex and crudely drawn in your presence with other women."Quarrelsomeness and pettiness is a quality of character, but for the beloved I want to be the best. If he sees no need to keep this to yourself, it is unlikely it is important that you think about him."Soon his disrespect for the female sex will pop up in the small quarrel,"adds the author.

7."Constantly says you need to change something in appearance and criticizes your figure".This interest is called sexual desire, but not love. "When we love, we fully accept the person without trying to change it".

8. Asks in debt a sum of money".By nature man is a leader a woman can be tutored and weak, but not a tractor and a helper in the solution of problems.After all, you don't need a gigolo, right?".

9. "The man is in no hurry to share with you my future."It is ambiguous. His dreams and plans can be marred by not you, and other factors, past experience, fear of circumstances and pessimistic attitude."Should get to know about the events of his past life".

10. "The man is in no hurry to help out, his name is only you."It would seem that there is nothing to think about. But we are ready to substitute reality for any explanations – he's shy, not used to being first, does not know how to Express my feelings."The maturity of the young man's evident in the willingness to take responsibility for your life together."



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