Pea diet is a great way to lose weight

Among the useful and effective ways to lose weight green bean diet is perhaps one of the most underrated.
The reason for this attitude can be quite humorous common stereotypes about a certain, not the partial effects of pea on the human body, but it is possible that it's simply the lack of information about such an important and useful form of legumes like peas.

Meanwhile, pea is possible without undue modesty, to call immediately the recognized leader for many useful parameters. First, this kind of food contains maximum required for each person amino acids, and secondly, the content of vitamins.

Manganese, zinc and magnesium, all of these essential minerals can also be obtained from peas, not necessarily fresh: dried fruits almost do not lose their properties. This is well known to doctors, no wonder they appoint pea porridge as the main food for patients in the recovery process after a serious illness. This porridge is well absorbed, giving the body strength for rehabilitation and strengthening muscle tissue, however, is diet: getting fat on pea porridge does not work, even if you try very hard.

Weight loss experts have developed several low calorie diet menu on the basis of the pea, so to select the best option for yourself is not difficult even the most discerning palates.

Week polka dotPretty hard pea diets that don't provide any snacks designed for those who want to lose weight and at the same time to correct health, but not for those whose goal is to "accelerate metabolism", that is, to speed up the metabolic process in the body.

Breakfast this diet offers a choice of either a porridge with Apple and cinnamon (portion of 200 grams of oatmeal on the water, one fresh or baked Apple and cinnamon to taste) or by a combination of a couple of sandwiches (rye bread plus peanut butter) one large orange. Of course, all this is not a dry – diet allows for Breakfast little pleasure in the form of two cups of unsweetened black coffee.

Lunch is also variable. Losing weight can refer either to a soup of vegetables or a vegetable stew, the main thing – to complement your choice of 200-gram portion of mushy.
As for dinner, here you have to choose between dairy products. All the same 200 grams of low-fat kefir vs yogurt.

Three days on the mess

The second pea diet belongs to the category of discharging, however, it is more specific than the first – at least, for people who have life problems with flatulence or increased gas. So losing weight is necessary before diet to undergo a course of prebiotics, either once and for all to remember: before each use of food in this course, you must eat a small bunch of fresh dill.

Another constant element except for the dill, will be hummus. Actually, porridge and dill is the only thing that can be eaten throughout the three days diet.

To cook porridge, you need the following: a Cup of dried peas to crush and boil in four cups of water, and then a blender to grind to puree state, and add dried garlic. Fill the mess with oil (olive, corn or canola) and fresh herbs (preferably dill again).

And have the resulting dish should. In other words, if you used to eat three times a day, then porridge need to be applied in the same order. If you, on the contrary, closer reusable food in small portions, you should not deviate from their dietary ideals: continue in the same spirit. Drink mung bean porridge is best non-carbonated mineral water, and in the day your body should get at least two liters. But from little pleasures like tea and coffee have almost to give up, so cacciata allows you to drink in a day max two small cups of both beverages.

Summer diet

Summer is full of green colors, so this time of year is a sin not to take advantage of the gifts of nature and do not include in your diet fresh green peas instead of dried, which was the basis of the previously described modes of supply.

Menu summer pea diets is based on two days, alternating between them, but too to get involved in this alternation is not recommended: a week is the maximum time that is permitted to spend on the weight loss for this recipe.

On the first day, according to diet, you need to have Breakfast two eggs, hard-boiled, and fruits to choose from. It can be Apple, pear, orange or a couple of small peaches (by the way, choosing different fruits on different days, you will be able to add this rather strict diet change!). For brunch, fit unsweetened yogurt, devoid of additives (200 grams) and for dinner you can treat yourself an impressive salad of fresh green peas, bell peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes, seasoned with lemon juice and vegetable oil. Dinner is best vegetable stew of zucchini and cauliflower in combination with seafood – boiled products or as low-fat boiled fish. For a snack you can use any nuts – raw, and not more than 30 grams.

The second day, you'll be much less diversity. Throughout the day you need to eat only one dish, divided into 5 or 6 equal portions. This dish is a salad of green peppers, peas (500 grams), green Apple (150 grams) grated carrot (150 grams) and fresh herbs, dressed with kukuruznik or olive oil and Apple cider vinegar.
To sit on such a diet, as already mentioned, should be no more than a week, and once the diet ends, it is imperative to organize for your body well-balanced low-calorie menu for a month, otherwise the result risks not to gain a foothold.

Normally on any version of pea diets lost 2 to 5 kilograms, almost all carry this diet without any problems. Hearty pea porridge does not feel the hunger, and the nutrients contained in pods and fruits, give the body everything it needs.



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