The us military showed gloves that allow soldiers to climb walls

Specialized climbing gloves with fabric Geckskin, help the military to climb vertical walls.

In the laboratory of Cambridge, by order of the American military, has developed special gloves covered with sticky elastomer. This allows a person to cling to the walls, as well, as does the Gecko. Program Manager Z-Man Matt Goodman said: "the Gecko is one of the Champions on mountaineering in the animal world, so it was natural for us to look at it and be inspired to overcome some of the problems facing American troops in urban environments.

Z-Man program aims to develop biological means of soldiers climbing on vertical walls constructed from typical building materials while carrying a full combat load and without the use of ropes or ladders. In the laboratory, demonstrated a unique Geckskin: 218-pound researcher with a cargo climbed the 25-foot glass wall.



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