Kiwi-diet—simple and quick way to lose weight


I need to lose a few extra pounds, but desire to sit for weeks with a calculator, counting calories, absolutely no, kiwi-diet – the excellent way out. It will help simple and quick way to lose weight (minus 2-4 kg per week), cleansing the body and enriching it with vitamins of groups b, C and E.

Diet menu


Breakfast: salad of kiwi, green Apple and grapefruit. The ingredients mix with two tablespoons of wheat germ and four tablespoons of oatmeal. Pour unsweetened yogurt.


Second Breakfast: a cocktail of two tablespoons of wheat, half a Cup of sparkling mineral water, grapefruit juice and orange.


Lunch: make balls of semolina (30 g), skimmed milk (200 ml), 0.5 spoons of honey, one egg yolk, spoon of wheat germ and a pinch of vanilla. Add low-fat yogurt and strawberry puree as a light sauce.


Afternoon snack: milkshake with a teaspoon of pistachios, three kiwi, 100 ml of yogurt and a teaspoon of whey.


Dinner: 50 g low-fat cottage cheese, add the mashed kiwi fruit (100 g) and green mint. Make yourself a cocktail of yogurt and wheat. Dry slice of diet bread.


Important! Kiwi diet great tool for weight loss, but not for those who suffer from gastritis, indigestion or an ulcer.

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