Scientists did a nice evolution of the process of reproduction and animal

Forty five million eight hundred sixty thousand six hundred thirty one

Science was finally the answer to the question of why animals do have sex even when conception is impossible or simply undesirable.

According to studies, evolution did a nice the process of reproduction, both for people and for animals, because of the reproductive ability in today's violent world it is extremely important for survival.

From the outset, the experts were convinced that animals in General enjoy the fun. Psychologists have seen that lab rats like to be tickled. The same can be expected from cats or dogs.

However, the scientist interested in the question whether having fun with animals for carnal pleasures? Way to know is to study samples of sexual relations cannot lead to offspring, for example, between two specimens only of the female or the male sex, in couples in which one partner had not reached puberty, where sexual intercourse does not happen during mating season.

If you pay attention to such animals as primates, it is possible to allocate among them species such as white-faced Capuchins and bonobos bonobos. Females of these species seduce males, it does not matter whether the breeding period and whether they are ready to conceive, having sex during pregnancy and also lactation. According to the observations of primates practice gay sex, but also sexual relations between "youth" and adults. But males take great pleasure in contact with immature individuals, both female and male.

If animals can copulate more than necessary for conception, then it also points directly to the motivation of fun. The female lion at the time of ovulation can mate within a week a hundred times a day, while changing partners, although for fertilization enough one time. The same frequency of mating spotted leopards and pumas. Therefore, we can conclude that they like it, they do have sex for pleasure from sex.

In the list of animals that receive pleasure from sex, and includes many other types, for example, goats and sheep, and spotted hyenas, which are generally practiced oral sex. While fruit bats are trying to prolong the coitus with the same oral caresses.

As the authors of the study, sexual behavior is formed during the course of evolution and struggle for survival of a species, while bringing pleasure. As the reproductive capacity for survival is very important, the evolution of the process of reproduction is made so enjoyable that the animals that want to do always.

If so, that explains why sexual joy available and animals.



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