Tree of happiness: how to care for dracaena

Dracaena has a positive energy, so it can be kept at home. It is believed that it helps to talk to the silent people and promotes eloquence.

Dracaena also has the unique ability to humidify the air and reduce the formaldehyde content.

Dracaena fragrant and dragon tree in summer can be in the fresh air. All other types must be kept indoors all year round.



Care at home
The temperature regime Dracaena relates to heat-loving plants that do not tolerate the cold. The optimum temperature in the spring and summer period is 20-25°C. For most of dracaena need to arrange a cool overwintering. But you need to carefully monitor the temperature did not fall below 12 °C, which can lead to rapid death of the plant. These flowers must be protected from drafts.


The best place for plants is a bright but protected from direct sunlight window sill. Better if it will be located on the West or East side. Bright sunlight can leave burns on the leaves of dracaena. Quite well this plant grows and develops in artificial light. Dracaena do not like sharp jumps of temperature. Also, these plants do not tolerate deep shade, the leaves begin to wither and die.

The soil for dracaena can cook

Great importance for the growth of dracaena playing ground. Most often the quality of the soil for dracaena use mixed in equal parts of turf and leaf soil, peat, sand and humus. In the period of intensive growth from April to August it is necessary to produce fertilizer dracaena every two weeks. You can use the special complex fertilizers are designed for houseplants. For example, it is possible to use a “Rainbow” or “Giant”.

Dracaena very well respond to loosening the top layer. This helps to improve aeration of the soil. Quite often, the top layer may be covered with a white crust, which is a symptom of salt deposits from the water. In this case, you need to remove it and change into fresh soil.

How often to water the dracaena

How often to water the dracaena? The question is not idle, so correct watering should be given special attention. Watering is made regularly, it is not necessary to bring the soil to excessive drying. In summer, watering must be abundant, and in winter more moderate. Dracaena does not tolerate stagnant water in the pot. In summer and spring period should be watered about two times a week, in winter one. Use only the stand for 12 hours clean the water at room temperature.

Dracaena are quite resistant to dry air, but spraying the leaves is a must when keeping them indoors with Central heating. Periodically, you need to give the plant a warm shower to help wash away the accumulated dirt and dust. This allows you to refresh the dracaena.

In the summer it is recommended to spray the flower daily. For this purpose, the water which is 2°C greater than room ambient temperature. Spray the leaves as you need from the front and from the back. With the need to ensure that water does not accumulate in the funnel, which could trigger rotting. Periodically, you need to wipe the plant with a damp cloth.

How to repot a dracaena

The main signal, which indicates the need for a transplant are the roots that filled the entire volume of the pot. The best time for this procedure is the spring. With proper care and a good growth of a transplant is produced once a year in a pot that is slightly larger than the previous one. If you put a dracaena in a large container, she might die.

Adult and large dracaena does not need so often to transplant. Enough to replace the top layer of fresh, which will be rich in nutrients. All movements should be careful to preclude damage to the root system. The plant needs good drainage. Therefore, when moving to the bottom of the pot is to put a layer of pebbles or clay pellets, in average height of about 3 cm.


As propagated dracaena. Reproduction of the flower in the home

Propagation by cuttings is necessary to carry the cut tops of the plant, followed by its drying. Rooting cut of the top is preferably carried out in water, sand or peat, which is mixed with sand. Necessary to maintain a constant and uniform moisture content.

Cut part better to cover the transparent jar, which must be periodically removed and air the germ. The stalk remaining in the pot, also requires treatment. Place slices dripped with wax or prosypayutsya ash. Under these rules, soon after the landing time will be new shoots.

Sometimes the tops of the plants are limp or shriveled. Do not just throw a dracaena. In this case, it is possible to produce a reproduction of the plants stem cuttings. To do this, alive and intact the stem is cut into pieces with a length from 5 to 20 cm it is necessary to Cut at the leaf scars. And then you need to hold them rooting.

Seed propagation

Seed propagation is rarely used, because at home dracaena virtually no bloom. If we managed to collect the seeds, plant them to the February or March is the best time. For better germination, you can use bottom heat.

How to cut a dracaena

When breeding dracaena necessarily need to periodically prune the dracaena. This procedure stimulates the formation of lateral buds, and the plant begins to branch. The best time for pruning is spring and early summer. Dracaena must be a minimum height of 30 cm is first necessary to mark the ribbon the place of circumcision.

For this procedure it is necessary to use a sharp knife or blade. The place of circumcision, sprinkled with charcoal and later it is treated with a cubic Zirconia. In order to create high humidity, the plant should be hide a plastic bag.


Dracaena and her illness


Below are listed the main diseases that can hit the dracaena in the period of life.

Blacken the leaves. The reason for painting tips or even edges of the leaves in black color is insufficient watering, too dry air or drafts.

Web. The appearance on a plant of the web can indicate the presence of spider mites, which leads to obreteniyu leaves. In this case, recommend rubbing dracaena sponge with soapy water, and wash it in the shower.

Spots on the leaves. Bright and dry spots on the surface of the leaves indicate too much sunlight.

Yellow leaves. Yellowing leaves caused by lack of nitrogen or other nutrients.

Dry leaves. Soft and curled leaves are a sign of low temperature plants.

Dracaena dies. Plant death can be triggered by a very large watering in the winter time or low room temperature.

Pests of dracaena. In addition, the flower can affect a variety of pests. Very often scale insects. Thus the formation of the brown plaques on the surface of stems and leaves. Scale insects suck the cell SAP from the plants. As a result, casting dries, lose the natural color and flies. When these signs you need to process a dracaena soapy sponge and then spray solution aktellika.

Also, the plant can affect the thrips. In this case, the upper surface of the sheet appear bright spots. In this case you recommend spraying insecticides.


Tips to buy dracaena


When buying dracaena should carefully inspect the entire plant. Casting must be clean, dry ends and weird spots. It is unacceptable presence of dust and cobwebs. When choosing dracaena need to determine how much place it will be allocated, as some types of this plant can grow to huge sizes.

The most undemanding in terms of care are considered to be edged dracaena, dracaena Godsefa dracaena dragon. No need to try to buy a large and fairly Mature plant. They are very hard to withstand the change of scenery. Better to give preference to the young and healthy dracaena. Also, do not purchase plants that were in the store directly at a window or near a door entrance.

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