How to grow a coffee tree at home

Probably every gardener – novice and experienced – would like to have as houseplants exotic coffee tree. But the obstacle to this is often a misconception that the process of growing trees in the home allegedly extremely difficult, and the care required is incredible. In fact, to grow a coffee tree and care for him no more difficult than other, more familiar plants.

If you follow these simple rules of planting, it will be possible to admire the soft green shoots of the future of the coffee tree.

Let's start with the basics: to grow a coffee tree at home, the only two possible ways: from seed and cutting.

Grow a coffee tree from seed

This requires a regular coffee beans that you can buy in the store (only, of course, not fried), or grain, taken directly from the plants (suddenly your relatives or neighbors are happy owners thereof). The method of cultivation is practically the same, such as pomegranate or lemon – there are only some characteristic features.

Because shell have a coffee grain very hard, and often prevents to sprout a seed before planting it is necessary to conduct a so-called scarification. It is the destruction of the shell by chemical method (hydrochloric or sulphuric acid) or mechanical – seed it is necessary to incise or nagpalit.

The next step is the grain should be soaked in a solution of the stimulator is suitable for "Appin", "Kornevin", "Zircon" or other. To plant a seed always in soft, loose soil. The pot with the planted seed must be put in a Sunny place, that it quickly germinated, the temperature should be not below 20 degrees.

Grow a coffee tree from cutting

If you find where to buy the cutting of a coffee tree, it is better to use this method of planting. Planted so the tree will grow faster, and therefore faster will yield. The second advantage of this method of planting is that this tree will grow in width, not in height, just like when planting a seed. To plant a cutting of a coffee tree is very simple, different from other Cherenkevich plants no.

Care for a coffee tree at home

How to conduct a landing, described above. And how to properly care for a coffee tree? Many growers not having enough personal experience in caring for plants in General, not to mention the coffee tree in particular get their information from highly questionable sources. The consequences of this are very disappointing – people spend enormous efforts, funds, scurrying around near him, almost afraid to breathe near the plant and the point of that, at best, zero.

All this is because not everyone knows that the care of this seemingly finicky tree is very simple, you only need to follow some simple rules.

Of great importance is the very first step on the way to the luxurious and fertile coffee tree in your garden is the planting, and, in some cases, transplant the plants. The main things to remember – the coffee tree grows only in an acidic environment (i.e. ph must be equal to <7). Since, in practice, to determine the acidity of the soil is extremely difficult even for an experienced grower, then when planting it is recommended to use this composition of the soil:

  • Acid peat
  • Humus
  • Ground sheet
  • Greenhouse earth
  • Sand

To mix these components be in the proportion 2:1:1:1:1. To maintain the acidity and moisture of the soil is recommended in the composition add the chopped sphagnum moss.

As for the transplant of coffee trees – this should be done every year until the tree turns three years, then (then) – once in 2-3 years, the upper soil layer is recommended to be changed also – once a year.

It is impossible to prevent dry indoor air, it is necessary to maintain a sufficiently high humidity. This can be achieved by constant spraying of plants, but remember that a single action is not always enough. Take advantage of this advice: in a deep enough pan pour pebbles, fill it with water, and hoisted the pot with the plant.

Lighting also has an important though not paramount. Coffee tree it is recommended to place the Windows facing South, southwest, Southeast. Placing South guest at the North window, contrary to popular belief, you will not ruin, but growth and further development may slow down.

But keep in mind that excessive excess sun can also be harmful, especially to young plants up to two years. After full ripening of the blossoms of a plant desirable shade. Do just that at home coffee in the South around the trees and planted other trees to ensure that they give the plant a saving shade.

The room temperature should be normal room. But do not forget that below 12 it should not be omitted.

Fertilizing and watering.

Watering there is nothing special, as for all plants, in the summer he should be more abundant and more frequently than in the winter. Of course, in determining the value of irrigation assume room temperature, and avoid excessive dryness or humidity. Beneficially affects the coffee tree watering with soft rainwater or melt water. As feeding is better to use mineral liquid fertilizers, their use is recommended every two weeks from may to September, i.e. during the most active period of growth.

Coffee tree is a versatile decoration for any room and will look great and please the eye and child care, and in his own apartment, and at work in the office. If you follow these above rules, you will soon be able to surprise guests with a Cup of aromatic coffee, ripe for your own coffee plantation, located right in your home.published


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