How to get a bumper crop of cherries

Care cherrythe delicious Quality of the crop depends on many factors, however, how to care for the cherry and get a good fruiting few know. The trees can grow independently, without much attention, but, then, a good yield can not wait. Another thing is the trees, surrounded by constant care and attention, will grow well and actively to bear fruit.


Care of young and old trees

Starting to care for cherry blossoms in spring, you need to consider a few basic points: the age of planted trees, as plants, weather conditions. Young trees after planting in the spring, requires minimal maintenance, a good enough irrigation on hot days (4-5 buckets of water in may or June), preventive measures against diseases and pests.
After planting and before harvest, the first fruits, the young cherries are a great feeder for malicious bugs and insects. Thin crust is not able to protect fully young seedlings from aphids and mites.

You must provide complete and proper care in the spring and summer days, to protect its young by all available means (well to whitewash the trunk, spray emulsion copper sulphate or Bordeaux liquid).

For the preparation of liquid sulphate solution , dilute 3 tablespoons of the drug in 10 liters of water. To deal with aphids, loving, young juicy shoots, help spraying Phytoverm (2 ml of product per liter of water), INTA-veer (tablet in a bucket of water), from folk methods use an infusion of tobacco.

Taking care of the old cherry trees, you need to constantly clean, burn, dead areas of bark, to whitewash, to carry out rejuvenating pruning. Mature trees can begin to take basal coppice shoots, this fact testifies to the old age cherry. With the growth intensity of the undergrowth at the base of the trunk, shortened the viability of the tree. Cut dry, diseased, damaged branches, remove shoots.

Work spring, summer and autumn

Young cherry trees need care after planting, you need to mulch tree trunks of the space with compost, rotted sawdust. Mulch helps retain moisture, prevents the formation of earthen crust, improves the access of oxygen to the roots.

In the first two years of fertilizer may not be made if cherry was fertilized at the moment of landing on a permanent place. When poor growth (less than 0.3 meters) in the fall to feed cherry superphosphate. Young planted trees need periodic tillage (no mulch), removal of weeds, watering.

With the onset of the ability of cherries to bear fruit, the care of trees is changed. In the active period of growth of branches, flowering, fruiting, you need to pour the cherries, watering is done 3-4 buckets per plant.In the last days of September is made for water loading glaze (5-6 buckets of water on the tree). Rainy summer cherry not irrigate, in the autumn give only the necessary feeding (phosphorus-potassium).

Many gardeners wonder what to feed cherries in the spring, if the plant is an adult? The first fertilizing is carried out in the early spring before the onset of flowering, using calcium nitrate (2 tablespoons) of urea or (50-70 grams), scattered by tree trunks in a circle and loosen. Fertilizing promotes active growth of trees, good flowering.

In the period of flowering cherry feed mineral compounds containing nitrogen. At this point, you can apply organic matter (cow manure, poultry manure). Care cherry after flowering (7-10 days) involves the spraying of urea (40 g per 10 liters of water), after 14 days the procedure was repeated. Foliar spray to improve plant nutrition have a positive effect on the safety of ovaries to the final maturity.

After harvest, the summer is spend processing against pests and disease. Summer is a particular danger kokkomikoza, to resist the disease, treating the cherry trees with Bordeaux liquid (1% solution), with a strong development of the spraying was repeated after 21 days. The final spraying is carried out in early September. Summer gardeners task is the preservation of the leaves on the trees for good wintering.

Preparing cherries for winter starts in the fall, necessary to trim, feed, implement preventive measures.To trim cherry trees need dormant, but before the advent of frost. Depending on regional origin, the time interval starts from the second half of September and ends in late November. Removed diseased, damaged, dry branches, and place slices carefully smeared garden pitch.

In the fall all wounds, fractures are stripped off and processed. Tree trunks cleared of fallen debris, loose. Cherries in winter you need to feed, are made fertilizers based on phosphorus and potassium, nitrogen fertilization is not used in the autumn. A good additional protection from rodents in the winter, will serve as the whitewashing of the trunks (lime, you can add clay or mullein).

If you know how to care for cherry what a beautiful tree is sure to delight in the next season of their masters: in the spring the beautiful white garden filled with a wonderful aroma in the summer – a delicious crop of beautiful berries.published


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