Best supplements for supporters of natural farming

Ash fertilizing

Popular with supporters of natural farming form of dressing. Wood or straw ash in organic farming is considered one of the best sources of potassium and phosphorus, respectively fertilizing ash infusion seedlings or flowers — a great helper in stimulating flowering and fruiting.

The infusion recipe is simple: 1 tablespoon of ash per 2 litres of hot water. Dressing infused for 24 hours, then filtered. Fertilizer ash can be useful: for all vegetable crops and indoor plants.

Banana peels as fertilizer

In a banana peel (like the bananas) contain large amounts of potassium. Therefore, many vacationers do not hurry to throw away the skins, and use them as homemade fertilizer. Someone dry a banana peel at the battery, then grinds it into powder, adds to the soil when planting and forget about potassium fertilizing. Someone insists the skins of bananas in the water (peel 2-3 bananas for three-liter jar of water, leave for three days, then strain), and then pour the obtained infusion plants.

Fertilizer from banana peels can be useful: tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, roses, ferns, cyclamens, begonias, violets and other home colors. The latter are usually fed at the stage of buds formation to provide a lush and long flowering.

Fertilizing decoction of potatoes or potato peelings

No wonder the plants accumulate starch in their seeds, bulbs and tubers. Starch is a kind of "warehouse of nutrients in reserve". It is this law of nature and enjoyed by gardeners for feeding seedlings broth in which the cooked potatoes. Or for this purpose is boiled clean. Potato fertilizer can be beneficial to all cultures and indoor plants.

The infusion of the eggshell as fertilizer

Eggshell is a storehouse of minerals. Most gardeners carefully collects shells all winter, so before the season to lay in the compost or scatter in the garden. But shell can help and at the stage of seedling.

If you soak it in water, the decomposition process releases hydrogen sulfide, which scares us a disgusting smell, but well stimulates plants to grow and develop. Infusion of egg shell was prepared as follows: three liters of warm water is taken from the crushed shells of 3-4 eggs and brewed under tightly closed lid in a dark place for three days. Signs of readiness fertilizer — clouding of the infusion and the emergence of a peculiar smell.

Fertilizer from eggshell may be useful: eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, palm trees, lemons, laurels, cypresses, ass petunias, zamioculcas, dieffenbachia.

Fertilizer onion skin

Onion peel gardeners love the effect of "two in one". Watering or spraying with an infusion of onion peel is not only a fertilizer for seedlings and flowers, but also a measure to combat unwanted microorganisms. Onion dressing prepared from 20 grams of husk in five liters of warm water, which is infused for 4 days and then filtered.

The feeding infusion of onion peel can be useful for all vegetable crops, especially tomatoes.

Coffee grounds as fertilizer

Coffee lovers who are not too lazy to dry the spent coffee grounds, mix it with the soil before sowing of seeds for seedlings or transplant houseplants. Good coffee loosens the soil, improves its permeability and brings nutrients macro - and micronutrients, particularly nitrogen.

Highly recommend to add coffee grounds to the soil for seedlings of tomatoes and eggplant. Some gardeners are afraid to use coffee, because they are sure that coffee rascasse soil. However, it is a myth. To increase the acidity of the soil is capable of raw coffee, and roasted and is already used has a reaction close to neutral.
Fertilizer coffee grounds can be useful: tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, roses, asalem, camellias, hydrangeas, ferns, and rhododendrons.

Sugar dressing

Sugar is energy in its purest form not only for a person. Plants, too, sweetums and once a week you can treat them sweet. To do this directly on the surface of the earth in the pot, scatter a teaspoon of sugar, and then just water the plant. Or pour sugar water (2 teaspoons of sugar per Cup of water). Because of the sugars plants need mainly glucose, someone uses as fertilizer directly glucose tablets that are sold in pharmacies.


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For the preparation of feeding one tablet diluted in a glass of water. Feeding glucose held once a month at most.Fertilizer sugar can be useful to all indoor plants, especially cacti. published




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