Lemon diet as a way of cleaning the body

The so-called lemon diet, despite its name, does not make who gets in its way of a man is to eat only lemons. The table is very rich, it even completely eliminated fats. Instead, from the diet excludes almost the whole range of simple carbohydrates.

Lemon is also consumed on this diet during each meal, in fact its unique. He is not sweet and contains no sugar. Its juice, flesh and rind contain a huge amount of vitamin C and other healthy elements that are vital for the development of the human body.

About how lemon juice is ruthlessly crushes the fat, has long been a legend. Of course, lemon juice is unlikely to succeed to scrub the burnt pan, but the effect will be very significant. About as fast will be burned up and subcutaneous fat. Those who have already sat on the lemon diet, noted a very slow weight loss – about 5-7 pounds in a month. However, these people observed an unexpected lightness of dietary course and the possibility of extending it indefinitely.

So, from the diet should completely eliminate any foods that contain simple carbohydrates. Is – sugar, candy, sweet fruits like bananas, grapes and persimmon. Also want to avoid very fatty foods: red meat, bacon, bacon.

Nutrition – 4-5 times a day, in equal portions, without eating and drinking, and additives. Any meat or fish before cooking you need to sprinkle with lemon juice, as well as salads.

Tea – with lemon. In the morning on an empty stomach instead of a glass of tap water for digestion you should drink a glass of warm lemon juice, diluted with water to a more or less tolerable acid.

Refusal the most part of fats and simple carbohydrates together with the principle of fractional power allows you to believe this diet. It really gives the result of a possibly quick as we would like, however, a more reliable and long lasting.

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