Lemon and honey diet

This harsh diet lasts 2 days, has a lot of contraindications and involves a complete rejection of food. The essence of the diet is not to much to get rid of fat mass, but to rid the body of excess fluids, which is also considerably spoils the appearance of the figure. Excess water in the body are formed because of eating too many salty foods. Honey-lemon diet will help you to become more slender on 2 kilos in just 2 days. But this result is unlikely to last long, so think of this diet as a fasting day before any important event. For example, before my birthday. It is easier to carry this diet in the summer heat, in the cold will be more difficult.

To try honey-lemon diet, you need to prepare the following drink that you eat all 2 day. 3 liters of regular filtered water mixed with the juice of 15 lemons (with pulp, without, as you wish), and 50 grams. honey. This lemonade will replace us Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The next morning, preparing another drink for this recipe. If that happened, it seems very acidic, add more honey to taste.

This drink is without a doubt beneficial to health. It is often recommended by physicians as the popular prophylactic against colds. Glucose and sugars contained in honey will help you maintain good health and a clear head, and the lemon will provide vitamin. Honey-lemon diet makes a great cleansing effect, removing all harmful elements from the body. Honey-lemon mixture has a tonic effect on the skin, this composition can be wiped his face. The abundance of citric acid in combination with massage will help reduce cellulite.

Honey-lemon diet can be repeated no more than once per month. On the diet better at home and not to plan important things, because it may cause fatigue and, in addition, you will need very often to use the toilet. In addition to honey-lemon drink, you can drink green tea or water.

Honey-lemon diet is contraindicated for people with high acidity of the stomach, with kidney disease. It would be better to ask Council of the doctor if you are suitable for this diet.

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