To meet with the young man— 5 things you need to know

For many centuries a woman's choice was limited to men older than her age. If You decided to move away from this stereotype – congratulations! Allowing the young man to attend his romantic playing field, the woman increases your chances to find love and romance. For the past ten years we have witnessed a huge shift in the public perception of this specific field. The current state of social consciousness has finally allowed all women to expand the freedom of choice. You do not have to be demi Moore or Madonna. You just have to be open to the idea, willing to see a young man as his partner. The basis of this as of any other romantic relationship, is the relationship between the two individuals. However, this love song has its own characteristics. Here are five specific things You should know.
Be open to opportunities to meet with a young man, You first have to attract him into your life. How does it happen? The answer is simple: be open to opportunities. All of our thoughts eventually become reality. Let this idea exist. It's like a radio station: set up your receiver, create a mental frequency, which attracts young people imagine, and It will appear in Your life! Once this mental frequency is set, Your vibrations declare to the world the willingness to accept the young man, when You walk the dog, buy groceries, or celebrating a friend's birthday. You do not need to change style of clothes or spending the evening at the bar University residences. Just live a normal life and see what happens!
Expect the unexpected Young people are aliens from another generation. They perceive the world differently. While older men sometimes see women as accessories to their lives, young men ready to accept women as equals. Each new generation is becoming more enlightened. Your young person may surprise You by unexpectedly high level of self-awareness. To possess these emotional abilities, which You could not foresee. Most likely, it will be more spontaneous and adventurous than You (before I met him!). It will challenge Your ideals, it will push You to a new understanding of the social situation. You will open your thinking to change Your point of view. It is rooted in his understanding of equality. Not having the baggage of long years of mastering the tricks of Dating, Your partner is likely to be more natural and honest in his courtship. Although its sometimes painful honesty, it's refreshing. But it also requires an equal dose of honesty from You. What attracts a young man to a Mature woman no games. So forget about manipulation and be open. Honest communication policy and real intimacy without games the best thing You can offer him. Just don't equate his youth to simplicity. It may have more content than You imagine. Less cautious emotionally and not with Your bitter experience, pain and disappointment, the young man starts with a clean slate on which the two of You can design the best affair that you can imagine.
Get ready for an exciting difference the Young man will make You grow. He opened the door to a new vision of life. He has a different view of the world is more free and open. You will be forced to look at things not as much as before. He listens to different music, different work and rest, adhere to other guidelines. To be with him on the same wavelength, You will have to watch Iron man-5", to listen to dubstep and spend time with his friends at trendy beach club. Believe me, it's difficult. But on the other hand, it will give You a unique opportunity to see the new world through his eyes! Find something in common that can unite You. Carefully and gently show him Your world – you'll both be richer from mutual exchange. And allow the differences to excite You both. The expansion of consciousness and the excitement of testing the unknown are the hallmarks of the novel Mature woman and young man. Get ready for the decisive jump into the future and enter into the life new. Your life will become much richer!
You will have to compete Is a daunting task. If Your plans include building long-term relationships with a young person, You must realize that once and for all make a commitment to look at a certain number of years younger than my biological age. Most he knew women – employees, girlfriends and wives of his friends, former classmates – much younger than You. Remember that his world is not confined to Your bedroom, as good as any two of You. And because the comparison is inevitable! And Your task is to wrap the comparison in their favor. Yes, that's why all the time till last a relationship with a young person, You will not be able to afford to have bad habits or being lazy. Adherence to a healthy regime and nutrition is a necessary condition of Your psychological comfort in the relationship. Because lack of sleep will not affect it, while Your reflection after a sleepless night with alcohol and cigarette smoke will immediately make You think about your wrinkles. Your metabolism has slowed and vitamins to maintain the skin's youth and beauty hair need more – so will have to learn the science of healthy nutrition and most importantly – constantly and strictly adhere to its principles. Physical education is a compulsory daily exercise. Competent qualified beautician should be Your best friend. Fortunately, advances in modern cosmetology allows to forget about Your real age and hide the passport away. Yes, all this requires considerable money and constant effort – but worth it! It is very important not to "fixate" on the problem of age and not speak of it aloud. He doesn't need to know about how much effort You have to spend to look no worse than his classmates – this should be possible, Your only secret. You engaged in activity that truly brings You joy – and let him see only Your happiness and Jogging or harmony after a yoga class. Feel the taste of natural healthy food and enjoy it together. It's so nice to be a lightweight, young, healthy and beautiful!
Do not try to control him the Only thing that should drive a true woman – her own life. But not a stranger! "Mommy" trying to control everything, scares and disgusts partner. You have Mature women who have enough time for self-reflection. Surely You are now less active in the manifestation of chaotic, crazy action, you know how to look at life in perspective and take themselves less seriously. You've won enough battles to know your strengths, and emerged from a considerable number of problems to know that will survive. Your young man is a product of the developing world. Take it for what it is. Let yourself in this relationship, the luxury of being a woman who always wanted to be. Don't worry. Don't be tempted to put It into the rigid framework of relationships, such as those that have been in Your past. Helping each other, to co-create, you can create the version of the relationship that will be the best for both of you: when two people, being self-sufficient individuals, operate as a single unit. This is exactly the type of partnership, where the real magic happens!
"I think the difference in principle, no. The only thing I can mention is that it is an increased incentive to look good, be in good physical shape. But the most important thing in relationship is love and compatibility characters, regardless of age, Svetlana, 41.

"I do not see her man as a younger man. And he gave me ripe, too,"Margaret, 47.

"For me age is not an indicator. Most importantly – the intellectual level of the person. Because if a grown man can't connect two words, and the young man with this highly erudite, I will communicate better with the second" "the Main thing is not to have conversations which would have been reduced to the age difference, in any case not to act like she's older. Believe and 25, and 28, and 33 the girl (if the course is not in a state of depression) feels young and energetic, so your task is to help her develop that feeling." Dmitry, 28.

"Kundera at the time, once read (If I'm not mistaken "Immortality"). So it said that the best erotic experience men linked with the woman(s) who is older than him. And that every man in my life generally had an affair with a woman and that in erotic terms this novel, each is only good memories,"Constantine, 25 years.




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