Products, rejuvenating body cells

The scientists concluded that diet is one of the most important factors of health status.
We are ordinary people who are watching their health, can make the same conclusion: light, balanced nutrition is the key to good health, respectively, the prolongation of life, the healthy condition of the cells.

But there are such products, the use of which rejuvenates the human body.
Such findings made by American scientists on the basis of studies of the biochemical analyses of cells and their mechanism of aging: -
• Dark chocolate, Coffee, tea
• Apples, Blueberries, Black currants
• Broccoli, Cherries
• Tomatoes
• Pomegranate, Oranges, Peaches
• Plum, Raspberry, Red grapes
• Strawberry, Onion
• Bread
And if other products, such as meat, fish, fats give the body calories, minerals, the above products give the cells the biochemical elements that actively influence the metabolism of cells, and that extend the life of all body cells.
This list also products with strong antioxidant composition:
it is dark chocolate, coffee, tea.
They all contain polyphenols which have the ability to restore the cell and to increase the duration of her life!



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