Vegetable diet for a week

Vegetables are rich in useful substances, as well as, for the most part, have low calorie. Vegetable diet for a week – the method of weight loss, bringing undeniable benefits to the body.

MAIN Recommendationone diet designed for a week, displays on the priority food of plant origin (will have to give up meat). To fill the shortage of protein will help the milk drinks the minimum of fat. Cheer up will allow natural coffee (substitute for tea). No sweet fruit to compensate. Throughout the day you're supposed to eat about 1.5 kg of vegetables and drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid. Vegetables can be eaten fresh or after sparing thermal processing (they should be boiled in water or steamed, stew, bake). For cooking you can use only vegetable oil (about 1 tbsp per day).

The diet calls for smaller meals, 5 to 6 portions of food you need to eat every 2 hours. Daily recommended to eat the first course options soups you can pick yourself, as long as the dish had little energy. Winter is quite permissible to enter into the diet of diet of frozen vegetable mix.

In addition to vegetables are allowed to eat and the juices from them, however to prepare vitamin drinks have their own. For example, during weight loss, it is useful to drink juice from carrots (2 parts) and sugar beet (part 1), adding in the diet and the cake.


Monday: cauliflower soup with dill, fresh vegetables, yogurt, or milk (250 ml) of coffee

Tuesday: soup of cabbage, vegetables (fresh or steamed), low-calorie sauce or vegetable oil (1 tsp), baked potato (1 PCs.), tea (coffee)

Wednesday: broccoli soup, fermented milk drink (your choice) – 250 ml vegetables (fresh, baked or stewed) and coffee (tea)

Thursday: celery soup and green peas with the addition of Basil and plantains (2-3 pieces), milk or yogurt (1 l)

Friday and Saturday: cream of spinach, fresh tomatoes (5-6 pieces), steamed zucchini, yogurt (1 l) and coffee

Sunday: vegetable soup with herbs, fresh or roasted vegetables, apples, yogurt (200 ml) and coffee (tea)


You should not resort to this diet, if there are serious violations in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Before you start it, you should consult with your physician.

The PROS AND CONS of Dimidiate makes you give up meat, what's not to like staunch meat eaters. In fact, such abstention will only benefit – digestive system a little rest from the digestion of the food (meat is digested much longer than the vegetables). Moreover, protein deficiency overlaps dairy products. A big plus of the diet is the ability to pick their own assortment of vegetables and fruits.

Vegetable diet for a week is popular. 7 days to lose 3-4 kg of excess weight. This method of weight loss is quite compatible with gentle exercise.



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