Vegetable diet: -10 kg per month

Order 30 days to lose 10 kg, you need a special diet: low-calorie, Israeli or vegetable.

Each of them provided by eating certain foods within 4 weeks. And of course, it will not hurt to combine this power with regular sports training.

Israeli diet Kim Protasov diet Kim Protasov was designed by renowned Israeli nutritionist. It allows you to lose 10 pounds in one month. The main food that can be consumed during this diet are vegetables and dairy products.


As for diet first week weight loss, it should consist of boiled eggs, green apples, nonfat yogurt, cheese and vegetables. It is recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of liquid (coffee, tea, water).

On the following weeks menu, you must add meat, fish or poultry, steamed. However, the amount of cheese and yoghurt, on the contrary, will decrease.

Low-calorie diet "10 kg" One of the most popular diets is the so-called diet "10 kg". Its name speaks for itself. The basis of this diet lies low-calorie diet. The menu consists of a variety of products that should be alternated by days.

In the first week for Breakfast should drink a glass of milk with a spoon of honey, tea, a slice of black bread with parsley or a Cup of yogurt, salted radish, black bread with butter. Lunch boiled fish with potatoes or a vegetable soup with a slice of lean beef. In the afternoon you need to drink a glass of tomato or fruit juice. Dinner should include a glass of nonfat yogurt and bread with honey or a glass of milk.

In the second week of the diet you can add a piece of boiled meat for Breakfast. For lunch, you should cook soup or meat patties. The soup is recommended to serve a salad of green leaves. In the afternoon you can drink kefir or eat some fruit. Dinner should be light. Do not use low-fat cheese or bagel with jam.

In the third week at Breakfast you can eat bread with lean beef with a Cup of tea or a boiled egg with low-fat yogurt.

For lunch, you should fry up a juicy steak without adding oil and make spinach salad with sour cream. These meals can be replaced with broth and sauteed mushrooms. As for the snack, the fruit adds a piece of sponge cake. Dinner should include cottage cheese or a glass of milk or a sandwich with veal rolls and tea.

Last week, low calorie diet the diet should be as follows: Breakfast – black bread with butter and a glass of milk or two boiled eggs, a fresh Apple and tea; lunch – chicken with vegetables and mashed potatoes or low fat broth and beans in tomato sauce; snack – biscuit with carrot juice or Cup of coffee with toast; dinner – couple of slices of bread with liver pate or low fat yogurt.

Vegetable diet For the summer are best suited the special vegetable diet. It involves the consumption of large quantities of raw or steamed vegetables, rye bread, muesli and low-fat dairy products.


You can drink water and green tea. For example: for Breakfast you can eat salad, yogurt and an Apple; lunch – vegetable soup, salad and boiled potatoes; afternoon snack – bell pepper red; for dinner – carrot salad with garlic and green tea.


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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