5 good reasons to eat slowly

The main problem of our time – the eternal lack of time and constant rush. When the time came, we quickly swallow the food and run more.

This leads to chronic accumulation of stress and injurious to health.

If one day you decide to eat slowly – your way of life immediately begin to change. Is it difficult? Bit. You do not need any superhuman effort: you bite off a small piece, carefully and slowly chew it, stretch pleasure from meal.

Your meal will be extended only for a few minutes, however, this will lead to significant change.

You may have already heard about the movement of slow food (Slow Food), which originated in Italy a couple of decades ago. Slow food is fast food the opposite.

“To worthily bear the name Homo Sapiens, people have to get rid of the hustle and bustle, they will inevitably lead the human race to extinction” ~ excerpt from the Manifesto of the Slow Food movement

If you read the Manifesto of the movement slow food completely, you will find that it is not only about health, but about a different lifestyle in General. Regardless of whether you accept these postulates or not, won't hurt you to see the benefits of slow food:

Getting rid of excess weight. A growing number of studies confirm that by eating slowly you will consume fewer calories. This fact in itself is enough to lose up to 10 pounds a year. Don't need to eat something else or to do something extra. The answer to this phenomenon lies in the fact that our brain requires about 20 minutes to make sure we were satisfied. If we eat at a rapid pace, we don't have time to realize that we have enough to continue eating on. But if we eat slowly, we have plenty of time to feel that it is time to stop. I still recommend you to follow a proper diet, however, if you have the problem of excess weight – slow food has become a part of your new life.

The enjoyment of the meal. In my opinion, the reason is also quite valid. It's hard to enjoy food if she doesn't linger in your mouth. I even think that there is nothing wrong with what you eat a small amount of harmful food, but chewing it thoroughly. You like fried pizza, dessert? Then what's the point to eat it fast? Think about it. If you eat slowly, you will get the same amount of fun, but your stomach will be less harmful. Make your dish the object of gastronomic delights, not something that you are in a hurry to fill up in yourself.

Improvement of digestion. If you carefully chew their food – it improves the digestive process. Maybe you didn't know, but digestion begins in the mouth, so the longer it takes, the less work goes to the stomach. This will help to avoid problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

The reduction of stress. Full concentration on the process of eating can be a great exercise to develop attention. Live this moment, don't think about what you're going to do after eating. When you eat, you should only have. I believe that it prevents the accumulation of stress in modern man. Don't believe me – try it yourself!

Rejection of fast food. Our hectic, stressful and chaotic century requires to reduce the time taken for the meal. This way of life obeschelovechivayut us, undermines our health, leading to stress and makes us unhappy. We rush all day, solving one meaningless task after another, depriving themselves of the opportunity to enjoy life, to chat with friends, to be human. By eating slowly, you will resist it. Discard the products of the enterprises of fast food. Dine in a good restaurant, and even better – prepare themselves. Feel the taste of life.


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