Advertising photographer anonymous said from what makes beer foam and fat broth, where to get willow in August, how to raise breast models and for which he is so fond neighbors.

I was nine years old when my father gave me his old camera "Change-1." Since then, I started taking pictures. Like a good boy, I learned not in school, in college, went to work in the office. First picture was my hobby, a hobby but gradually became self-sustaining. I decided to leave the office and start doing something with his hands.

About money

Way older photographer happens like this: first you just interesting to photograph chicks in the club, then you find out, that in addition to heifers, there is something more worthy of photographing, and maturity - is when you shoot is canceled chicks, because the weather is gorgeous landscape and for you you go to take your favorite birch tree.

However, I have always wanted to take pictures for themselves, but in the end it turned out that the photo I willing to pay more than other jobs. Fork earnings are quite large: there are young boys and girls who are ready to take off at any price. There's fees - one-three thousand rubles for shooting and five thousand is considered good money. If a person is seriously engaged in commercial photography, then at some point it comes to the average level of income - about a thousand dollars per day of shooting (it is not six hours and not eight, but usually ten or twelve).

If the customer is present at the shooting, roughly eight or nine hours, and in the middle of more coming for dinner, the photographer will be on site two hours earlier and finish strong later. But this does not mean that demanded photographer will earn twenty thousand dollars a month. Loading is considered good if you shoot in a day. This means that you hrenachish days a week.

There are, of course, the elite - photographers who have come from somewhere well recognizable name: Fridkes Misha Korolev, Vlad Loktev, Max Marmur, Morozov. Their average price, as I said, somewhere five to ten thousand dollars for a day of shooting.

When you shoot a lot and regularly, alone is impossible to work: you need an assistant, a model that is right for pulling a stylist, makeup artist, make-up, Khair-up; if photographing food, chef needs; if the food is a normal budget, the more food stylist, assistant light and so on. Of course, the film crew costs more money. In a normal month my income can be ten or twenty thousand dollars with the salary I can count five, all the rest - the costs of organizing the filming.

Every photographer has a specialization, at least at the level of "living-nonliving": someone more on people, someone - to non-humans. I always gravitated toward non-humans to inanimate nature. I was lucky: I saw a long trend of food hysteria. Then it was: sausage sandwich sfotkal and everything - you hike, food photographer. Food me anyway is half orders in this relatively Tus I know. Now, of course, requires a different level of knowledge, it is necessary to understand the good cooking and know how to cook.

For customers

At twenty-one customer from a joke. But he conducts himself so out of ignorance. Then you just explaining to him that you can not "play with the shape of a square," because it will be a rectangle. I read "Hells customers", but 90% of the designer who wrote it, asshole, and trite does not respect its customer willing to pay him money.

I basically get smart people. Once I was shooting a commercial for one producer of cereals. They did not work to send a courier to capture and bring the very rump. Well, I thought, okay, all the same buckwheat, went to the store and bought the most beautiful buckwheat, removed, sent. I say, "Hey, great picture, all very pleasant, but buckwheat you not that." I call back and say, "Guys, listen, you tell me, you idiot, where the difference?" They say: "They have a different technique of roasting, the tip bends sharply and we podloman he did not, it is our feature. It is good that the General did not have time to show he would be offended. He knows by heart all the varieties of buckwheat, differing in appearance, odor, color, shape and called the country of origin. " I just threw up his hands.

About the beer from the oil and foam from detergent

When a food photographer admits what he did for a living, 80% of it immediately asked: "Do you really processed foods hairspray?" I do not know where did this damn stereotype and just want to say: No! When I see food, I do not have enough of the right hairspray, in general it is rarely used accessory! Soon, at the words "hairspray" I'll start killing.

I love oil gloss, therefore, to give luster fruits and vegetables, use vegetable oil - take a brush, cloth and rub. Apple, purely washed, grated, is correct sideways to the camera. Brush gently held in the place where you need a bright flare in composition, and no hairspray.

Of course, has its own secrets, but about them, probably, everyone knows. For example, if the beer in the frame as a bright appears, then, most likely, it's not beer. With beer a lot of problems: a nice glass of live twenty or thirty seconds on foam subsides, then misted glass, then back sweat, it gets wet, begin to gather large droplets, they fall, they are rubbed with a cloth napkin streaks, and we take a new glass and start all over again. Why hemorrhoids? Take sunflower oil, refined and unrefined (if light beer) - they are well mixed, - select the desired tone to the customer, poured into a glass, and nothing happens to him. Of washing powder is excellent resistant foam, which can live about a half hour. Good food stylist distinguish detergents on grades and know how much water to add what temperature to get the correct size vial.

To photograph sweaty bottle of vodka, the easiest way to take a special spray with simulated fog. All of these "Frosty patterns" can be bought in a special shop, where all the major photographers know in person. It is difficult to remove the transparency and reflection, for example a bottle of perfume with chrome cap. Heard the guys were shooting samovars in Tula some co-op: taped the whole room white paper, even lighting, and photographed through a hole in the wall, which shoves the lens.

When we were shooting the broth, fat bubbles had to be a certain amount. It was the bouillon cubes, which receives some herovaty. Cverhu on it had to swim zhirinki, and just add the oil did not work: it zhirinki were too big, it is very small, the "oh, well, it's a lot of it is you do for fat floats." As a result, fat plaques made of epoxy: they swam, looking like family, we put the right amount so that they are evenly distributed and collected in piles. In general, hell, and hemorrhoids.

About willow in August

Everything that will be printed on paper, there is a production cycle. With kartinochku will work a lot of people, so the photos are taken in three to four months prior to the moment when they have to get to the consumer. Now we're shooting for magazines October issue, and in a week already will be sent in November.

Everyone loves cherries. And every self-respecting journal should definitely write about cherries in season, although it seems strange when ten editions published an article about cherries. Well, cherries, of course, an inexhaustible subject, but from year to year! In general, in February-March, I run through the city and looking for cherries. I - the champion of buying cherries. The year before I bought it in the "Globus Gourmet" of seven thousand rubles per kilogram in March. It was the only cherries in Moscow. And so with all the seasonal products: watermelon I buy two or three months to 500 rubles per kilogram.

In late January I comes Easter. All relying attributes (nakleechki eggs, paint, willow) - that this whole car in April, but in February, not at all. Once in the church bench I was almost anathema not betray for what I asked, "Do something for Easter?" - "That heathen, do not even know when Easter! What kind of Easter in February? "I say:" I'm preparing in advance! ยป

I once rode unconventional way for parents to visit past the cemetery. I look - my grandmother sitting on the sidelines with an armful ofigenski willow. "Beautiful Willow - I thought, and then realized that no matter how August. And I - on the brakes, reverse. - Grandma that artificial? Wow! "Very well done. Slightly in Rasfokus care - did not distinguish from the real thing. However, podoblezla already a little bit, so every year it deeper and deeper in my Rasfokus leaves.

New Year, we, of course, shooting in September. I'm starting to ring neighbors. Be my neighbor - very cool. After filming all this food is necessary to do something with, she's not sprayed with lacquer, so I distribute it to them. This morning they carried her fresh crayfish. In September, I'm talking to neighbors: "Gather to me igrushechek fir-tree." They already know what it is: a Christmas meal, and there are always large portions of traditional and delicious.

About dyed grass

One customer said that the shooting of the autumn collection of clothes will be full-scale, and then repaint designer grass and leaves in yellow, so we remove the summer on grass and leaves. Remove the clearing in the grove. On the street - plus thirty, and if the description of the image reads: "Wool Blend Trousers, leather boots, half-woolen turtleneck, leather jacket," then there is no escape - you have to shoot the model in warm clothes in the heat. If close-up, the scarf pattern can wrap up a microscopic bikini top, and if the whole image, then there is not unscrew.

In those days, the photographer plenty of rest: most of the time working makeup artist, he painted, adjusts the model in which the entire make-up begins to flow through twenty seconds after application. Sometimes someone collapses from heat stroke.

On models

I have not worked with models, celebrities, but in general - work as a job, not very rewarding. Salaries there is not much: standard shooting katalozhki (lingerie, clothing) is behind the shooting day five to fifteen thousand rubles. Judging by the conversations models, they spend money on silicones and scrub-depilation. The older model, the more fun she already knows all the best photos - you can give the camera assistant and go about their business. It's cool.

There are three things that are on the set must always be - tape, extension cord and a knife (always have to open the packaging). One had to take a picture of a particular bra, the customer said that this bra will be a huge hit with megapushapom that of the second size will make the fifth. The picture is large, so it is necessary that the bra was a "hoo" and from the right "hoo". Maybe it was a bad bra (it was a factory sample), but the chest third dimension in it disappeared completely. Began to be perverted: wool underlay, something out of scrap materials. As a result, decided that artificially raise the chest, fix, bra top prikroem and form has been filled. It was found that the silicone tape to fix the breast not, there is an adhesive tape. The model said, "Let's remove this frame and have further pursuit, I do not want to sit here till night." I said, "You, of course, courageous woman, but do you imagine your feelings?" She replied that everything would be fine. We raised the chest, recorded its bottom transparent tape, examples bra, turned out perfectly - right out of it "uuuuh" superpushap, stuffed him to form held, removed the frame. When she was about to tear off tape, I walked out of the studio: I do not want to see, and the cry heard from the corridor.

About food in Instagram

There is a universal recipe that treats any photo meal. Firstly, you need to very carefully to see what falls into the frame, except for the food. The edge of a cigarette pack, crumpled napkin stained glass with your fingers - if you do not know why it should be in the frame, better take away.

Waiters in the frame sucks too look better to move the plate in the center of the table. Light background is always better than dark, so if the table is dark and there is a bright cloth, then let this dish stands on a napkin. Thirdly, it is important to look how the light falls on the plate. It should not be on the forehead, it may be a side, rear, i.e. against the light is better to remove. Of course, natural daylight and better electric.

At some point, Jamie Oliver became fotkat their plates on the old door, he was such a feature is direct. Two years have passed, and magazines wanted ragged tops. We now have the fashion strutting active color and high key when the picture is very bright and very light. And now the bourgeoisie went to the trend that all images must be the twilight, in the shadows, with a subdued light, very accurate light accents. Soon we will reach before.


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