Photographing the photographer

Each company must have a person who usually accepts a function of photographing friends on myself, and myself behind the scenes. But not always it comes from the fact that he does not like to be photographed, each time to carry a tripod or look for any on you install the camera object is a little like me. And sometimes it can even be the reason for the quarrel, when no one stubbornly refused to agree to remain behind the scenes. Want to be in the pictures with all, but in the end turn out to be a photographer – a common phenomenon, but that doesn't mean you have to live with it.

Designer Lin Chi from the Shanghai Institute of visual art, apparently, also had to be in the unenviable role of the photographer necessarily, so now we can see the amazing concept camera called Not One Less (one less). This concept is a standard digital camera with only one important feature, which allows you to call it a real breakthrough in photographic techniques: it allows to attend all the photo, including the photographer. Perhaps this is due to the vehicle camera dual lens: one part focused on the main subject you are shooting and the second for the photographer.

Of course, this concept, which became a member of the International forum for talented development (iF Design Talents) in the current year, does not ensure the full presence of the photographer in the picture, but at this stage and this solution is already quite decent. Perhaps this concept will be the first step to something more perfect and stunning. So it would be nice if Nikon, Canon or other fotoprovodimost would have noticed this project and used it in their products.

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