The psychological techniques of Aikido


Behind you stand the test, they say in the East.
Give in to weaken the resistance, teach Buddhists.
Don't fight, because you will inevitably be those against which you fight. Too much power leads to the opposite result.
Learn to be led to lead others. It is also all there.
Aikido is not a concession and a weakness of Aikido is wisdom. .

1. "PAR" — to give to let off steam.
The one who screams at you, is in a state of passion. This means that the consciousness is disabled. It's funny to talk to a person with a disabled mind. It's like talking to sleeping. Have you seen someone yelled at the other in a good mood? Stand still and let him blow off steam!.. Let percipit! Silence and a clear sense of life is the source of all effective action. Don't listen to what he spews. It screams his pain. How to keep? Very simple! Mentally praise yourself: "What (I) I am talented! I'm even such a person can be calm!" Function performs cold water and easy silence, i.e., silence. Until the partner makes a noise, you look at it closely and listens. Let percipit like a kettle.
The admission of Steam is akin to extinguishing a fire with water from the kettle. People prefer to extinguish the fire of other people's emotions with gasoline .

2. "RECORD" (Broken)

Situation. The child asks you permission to go for a walk. You wouldn't want that. But he strongly reiterates its request or requirement without irritation and without raising his voice, like a broken record. Persistently bends the line. And so on to infinity. Will you give in? For sure. So broken and not as strong nerves. I want to get rid. In any fight the winner is the one who have the perseverance, patience and endurance. That is receiving "a Broken record".It is impossible to be annoyed. Tone calm. A friendly face.
To agree with everything the other side says, denying your request or requirement. "Yeah, I guess so, but I ask for permission (to give, to sign, make, etc.)"! To be persistent and play the album to the end, until victory.


If the resistance of the client it can be run on a circular route directly to an agreement with

using the algorithm of PIERCE:
P — Annex to the objection of the client ("Yes, I agree with you....")
And — "And" ("And at the same time...") to Indicate that there is something else. (Don't say "BUT" or "on the CONTRARY", better say "And" or "OR").
R — Reasonable arguments in favor of what you refer to "And" or "OR".
With — Again (Again repeat his offer that he initially rejected or in which he doubted).
Apply the tactics of the PIER to your situation:
"You're a fool, or what? Just a real freak of nature! Dolt who doesn't know what goes. Working on a project for three weeks and managed to keep up for five weeks. I will not stand for this!" "Maybe you're right, work on the project too long. Of course, I may be no genius, but asked all consultants, including you, and have not received any suggestions about what to do. Too vague and unrealistic goals in the absence of resources.It's like that loading on human ton and swear that he can not cope with the burden.


Nothing disarms, and agreement to the charges or claims."Again you was late!!!" "Yeah, you're right, yesterday I was late!" "Hanging around who knows where!!!" "I'm sorry, I had to warn you" what do you think how long enough fuse to blame, if the stone charges not picked up? No! Energy runs out very quickly. So why do it to feed, returning back excuse, which I still don't believe, or counter-charges? Consent and only consent to any claim! — here is your instrument of power over someone else's aggression.And you know, you don't have to feel right and unjustly wronged. It's just a very clever way to extinguish the aggression and anger the other.

5. Accepting "the Suicide" ("I look like a suicide?").

The buyer is angry yells: "a Disgrace! Everywhere shamelessly cheat! At home, I counted the purchase and it turned out that for 500 rubles, I got stiffed!"Seller: "I look suicidal to you? Do you think that I deliberately deceive you? Agree that this is akin to Hara-Kiri. As if I myself was stabbed in the stomach. Tricking you, I lose, then I lose the ability of their work. This is crazy, agree? And what about differences in the amount of the purchase, let's see. Or something you have not considered, or I really made a mistake. But don't you admit the possibility of a simple mistake?" источник

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