How to prevent fluid retention in the body

Fluid retention in the body occurs as a result of certain physiological conditions such as menopause, pregnancy and menstruation, diseases of the liver and kidneys, cardiovascular disease etc. in women, the problem happens much more often than men.


If you suddenly noticed that dramatically gained weight that your arms and legs become visually more complete, I now have seizures and everything else you feel weakness throughout the body, then it is possible that this is the first warning signals about the buildup of excess fluid in your body.

Although by itself, the fluid retention is not a critical condition and has no serious health consequences, it should pay attention, as it can be a symptom of another disease, e.g., hypertension or heart disease.

Fluid retention in the body in most cases can be caused by a wrong diet, so today we'd like to give you 10 useful tips to prevent this condition:

You need to increase your daily intake of foods saturated with moisture and provides the body with electrolytes, giving preference to fruits and vegetables.

You should also choose a number of physical exercises that help to normalize blood circulation and, if possible, perform these exercises every day for half an hour. It can be Hiking, Cycling or dancing.

You should drink at least eight glasses of water a day, and if you for some reason not a big fan of regular drinking water, it can be replaced by natural juices with no added sugar, herbal teas or lemonade, prepared as follows: add water to the citrus juice, lemon or orange.

It is important to control the consumption of salt must be added to food in very small quantities and, if possible, be replaced by other spices and seasonings.

You should control and even avoid foods with high sugar content.

It is necessary to consume large amounts of protein food, since it is insufficient in the diet dramatically reduced the concentration of albumin in the blood, and this in turn leads to fluid accumulation in the tissues of your body.

You must also make every effort to provide your body a proper rest because it is very important to prevent fluid retention, especially of the lower extremities.

Yet not superfluous consumption of herbal teas and infusions, which have a diuretic effect.

It is not recommended to stay long in a sitting position, and if it is still a necessity (work), try to get up at least once an hour, to slightly stretch my legs and walk around the office.

It is very important not to wear too tight, tight clothes.

If you follow these tips and in addition will be able to abandon the consumption of carbonated drinks, coffees and baked goods, we guarantee that soon you'll feel and will look much better.



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