Chocolate cake cookie without baking


When you really want a delicious cake but no time to bake, you'll appreciate this recipe. Chocolate cake with biscuits cooked very simply and quickly. So why spend a lot of time at the stove?


220 g biscuits

220 g dark chocolate

160 ml cream

2 tbsp. butter

For the glaze:

110 g dark chocolate

80 ml cream

1 tbsp. butter

Cover a baking pan with foil and grease it with butter. Cracked cookies. In a bowl put chocolate. In a separate container pour the cream and add butter, put on fire to heat and bring to a boil. Hot cream add the chocolate and mix until a homogeneous mass.

Add to the obtained mixture of chocolate broken biscuits, stir gently. Put the mass into the prepared form. Place the mold in the freezer for 3 hours until complete solidification of the chocolate.

The finished cake remove and place on plate out of shape. Remove foil and pour glaze. To prepare glaze, in a small saucepan heat the cream with butter and pour their chocolate. Ready glaze pour over cake, smooth the surface. Wait to cool glaze, then serve the cake to the table.



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