How to reinvent themselves and have whatever you want

The person who wants "everything at once" as a rule, remains chronically with nothing. Anyway, until then, until you reconsider your approach. And the error crept in the word "immediately" and not in the concept of "everything", as is commonly believed in society.

But to watch these people next to me very often. To show the world "all at once" you need to have a certain internal capacity and scope. Much more common examples, convincing ourselves that are not so like – a lot of them don't, and indeed don't need anything "would be darling nearby"... Then with the advent of a nice, new stand "would": "would be abroad next", "would moving to another country next", "would coat nearby", "there was a car nearby," would be "new apartment", "would be another cute next" and so on in a circle, depending on that have already purchased your friends. The important thing is that a lot of this man is still "not necessary". It would be like all other people.

Just "tategami" holes internal issues are not solved.

You can patch need and put the patch only when there is a leak, hoping that the house will not collapse on your head (in others everything is fine – live people), and you can build on his own sketch. In this case, my life should be re-created to initially define the layout, design and pour the right Foundation, which is important.

— Why again? We do not need again. We just need a little poshtukatureny, and everything is fine.

Our childhood environment (family, school, friends, etc.) fills the foundations and builds the first walls (the ones that are often 2x2), in which we then live life, if you do not do the planning alone. You can go to embellishment: infinitely to repaint these walls to hang pictures, and rearrange the furniture, but the room sizes will not change. You all will also live in the same context, which is entered in your picture of the world. By the way, you can call it "karma", "fate", for example "horoscope". You still want to copy the experience of their parents and peers, because the design of a two-storey cottage, it is impossible to replicate in a Studio apartment, anyway. But you can build a new home. Yes, it is, again, damn it.

You know the ones that created themselves anew himself. Few of them, but they are among you.

— Goes favorite person

The disease

— Fired from their jobs, which was given so much power


Any serious shock, which is able to shake this house of cards called "my bright future" leaves a huge pit of questions to yourself:

— Who am I?

— What I really want to do?

Why is care of the close person, my world collapsed? Who am I if my whole being rests only on the loved one?

— Why am I unhealthy?

— Why I was spending so much effort and energy for this job, and she just got rid of me?

— Why does my life appear the same rake? Or I go one by one and the same circle, and the rake continues to lie in his place?

Such people faced a choice: to create themselves as before (to find a similar job, a similar man with a similar scenario and did not answer the above questions honestly) or start to live a conscious life? There are those who chooses the second option.

There is another category of people who are not ready to wait for a collapse and initially see that "their house is too small". They conceive of the General rebranding of life and begin their own construction.

No need to wait and check your Foundation for strength. The construction can be enjoyed at any moment and to live by their own rules.

How to reinvent themselves and have whatever I want?There are four areas of life that are important to humans equally: soul, body, business and relationships. To want "everything", that is, health, beauty, money, favorite things, family happiness and food not only for body but for soul — more than a natural state for us.

The first equation in this text: "want it all" reflects the human nature – the very essence, in the wrapper of ignorance.

Man is a unique creature, the only animal in the world, who have the right of choice, not only programmed instincts. We choose the experience. To want it ALL it's the subconscious desire to lead a life of optimal balance, abundance in all spheres. Want IMMEDIATELY is a form of ignorance, inability to understand cause-and-effect relationship: in the spring you sow in the autumn will reap.

The universal law of nature: first planting, then care for the soil, then the harvest, and that is not in the first season (some plants bear fruit only on the second or third season).

Our desire to be right (not applying for this proper force and proper time) is a reflection of the profound slumber in which we sweetly abide.

Nature says the following:

Everything, but gradually. If it is to hear and understand, you will not have to suffer and suffer. Just enough posledovatelnosti.

4 spheres of life can be defined as:

Soul is a relationship with yourself. All that remains from you without other people and their opinions, of things and Affairs. All that remains from you even after breakup.

Body — physical condition, health, appearance, energy, strength, both physical and internal.

The business – your contribution (the application of forces and energy to create anything) and return – what you will get (money, emotions, interesting communication, and so on). In the chain the returns are as important as the contribution, as without one the other cannot continue. In this sense, to do the things you like is as important as earning a lot of money on it.

Relationships — all relationships, from the family of a loved one, ending circle, as close and far.

Where do you start? To reinvent themselves is to fill in the Foundation of a good strong relationship with yourself.And then to build a framework, based on current priorities and deadlines. Not all at once, and the wall behind the wall – step by step – the sphere over the sphere. Everything gradually is the fastest way to full result.


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