Three things I don't have

Three things I don't have

1. TV.

2. Credit card.

3. Car.

People are often surprised to hear that I live without a TV, do not use credit cards and don't drive the car. And often I have to explain what the lack of these things in my life makes it more a) comfortable and b) productive.


The easiest way to explain the dislike of the TV. This the Shaitan-box – not only a great time killer, but also a powerful instrument of brainwashing. Not only that, the TV quietly steals the time – it seems like five minutes to watch the news, and there is a cartoon, and there's an interview, and there is a funny movie... and there come morning. Zomboyaschik else and distracts You from your own life for the life of someone else – and result in greater intensity of emotions the audience are not your successes at work, not his own wife and children, but buggered if Juan Pedrillo beautiful slave Izaura?

More TV supplies You a horse's dose of negativity and a powerful streak of pessimism – because all the news focused mostly on the bad or very bad. And finally, worst of all, spent watching television watch contribute to the development of the so-called "clip thinking", in which a person is unable to hold attention on something for more than a couple minutes – which, as You know, and reduces the capacity for learning, and completely otshibaet analytical mind. And even films and educational programmes, for which it would cost to turn the TV on, shamelessly and disgracefully fragmented advertisement. You do not have time to focus on the plot, as Your ears explode hysterical shriek: "Mary slept with Sasha! Pasha will take you from her to Dasha? Find out in "the Loony bin for glass — 2"! And now for the pads..."


From credit cards I decided to abandon once and forever about 20 years ago when I built the right financial habits. The reasons are three. First, I am fundamentally against life in debt – and not only because it costs much more than life on their own. Second, complicated control of spending, because constantly have to keep a record of how much money is spent on the card but not yet charged – and if this is not done, it's easy to leave "in a minus". And, thirdly, in the payment card parting with money is easier psychologically and, as a consequence, the money goes quickly and mindlessly – as shown by studies of American experts, in the rejection of the credit cards household expenses are reduced by 25-35%.

Of course, today I don't live on the meager income of a student-immigrant, arrived in the country with 30 dollars in his pocket. And the financial habits I have already established. So, basically, I could afford to acquire credit cards. But just don't see the need.


The most difficult is to explain about the car. On the one hand, the fact that I'm a homebody and a little ride. But, more importantly, I don't want to spend unproductive time doing the work of the driver. If I have to go from Haifa to tel Aviv, I could drive for an hour, the whole hour spinning the wheel and being angry in traffic, or I can drive an hour and a half by bus or train, quietly working on your laptop or reading a book and making statements.

What I have read about hundreds of professional books, partly possible because I read in the transport, be it bus, train or plane. So I prefer to spend a little more time on the road, but this time to use productively, rather than to drive faster spending all this time on unproductive work. Frankly, I'm much harder to understand Muscovites, proudly telling about how they spend three hours a day in traffic, listening to radio, than them to understand that I do not. The girl I bought the car, but he did not even bother to learn to drive. Well, if I'm somewhere in a hurry, which happens infrequently, I can always take a taxi – good in Israel, it arrives in five minutes, not forty.

Sometimes people ask me, does the absence of these things in my life discomfort. Frankly, sometimes it is – but all such cases a year can be counted on the fingers. For example, I can not order tickets online and I have to stomp to the travel agent with cash in your pocket. Or to see some shows, I have to go to visit someone who have a TV. But in General use much more than discomfort.

Of course, I urge You to follow my example and move from car to bus or cut my credit card in half and return it to the Bank (although some of this would be useful). However, I recommend You to think about everything that You could ever get in his life is winning a lot more games than losing.

Computer games? Forums? SMS communication? Alcohol? Cappuccino with a bagel? :)))

What do You think – without any of the usual things You would be better off?



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