Gymnastics for eyes from a renowned ophthalmologist Dr. Eugene Brabham

Eighty three million six hundred twenty five thousand six hundred forty eight

Off of sight and not tired eyes, do daily exercises for the eyes, recommended a world-renowned ophthalmologist, Dr. Eugene Brabham (hospital Institute of Cleveland).

The blind

6 times as slowly move your eyes up and down; now 6 times move eyes from left to right. Try to consider items that fall on the line of your sight.

Manual compress

Close your eyes, take a deep breath. At the same time much to warm up, RUB palms together, then apply the hot hands to his eyes, and slowly count to ten.

The cycle

Roll eyes in a circle: 4 of a turn clockwise, 4 — back. Do this slowly, considering entering the field of view objects.

To nail

Hold out your arm in front of him, put up your thumb and look at the nail. Now 10 times slowly put his hand to his nose again and remove the following, without stopping the movement of the nail in space.

Hide and seek

In conclusion, tightly squeeze the eyelids and garisa so 5 — 6 seconds. Then suddenly open your eyes. Repeat the exercise 10 times.




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