10 easy ways to cheat hunger during the diet

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The hardest part of dieting is the constant feeling of hunger. It is because of him all our desperate efforts to lose weight are being frustrated. How to cope with a painful desire to eat something?

If hunger is the only reason why you do not maintain the diet until the end, then it's not a problem. Following our tips, you will definitely succeed and will look on all hundred. And together with the dropped pounds you will forget what indescribable hunger before bedtime and a complete lack of appetite in the morning: proper diet and regimen becomes habitual.

10 simple rules 1. Every morning start with the carbs. Hearty porridge or a tasty sandwich with tea – a guarantee that tonight you won't be empty shelves in the fridge.

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2. Add in food, pharmacy tissue. After a few days you will notice that a raging hunger you are no longer pursues.

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3. Drink plenty of pure water. Sometimes we confuse hunger and thirst, and eat when your body needs water.

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4. Don't like water, brew black or green tea, adding a cinnamon stick, a star anise and a pinch of ground cardamom. Spicy hot drinks quench your hunger.


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