Eight Pieces of Brocade is a traditional qigong to prolong life

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BA Duan Jing (ba duan jin) or eight pieces of brocade One of the most popular Chinese traditional psychophysical techniques of Chi kung, which is widely practiced by the masses. A set of exercises is widely distributed in the Taoist, Buddhist and secular schools in China. Long and effective existence has led to the fact that it is practiced in almost all segments of the population (young, old, healthy, ill, martial arts, etc.). BA Duan Jing has more than a thousand years of history. According to legend, created by the famous and great General of the ancient Yue Fay (岳飛), to improve physical training of soldiers. Now it is used to maintain and improve health and to prolong life. There are many options of exercises and they are presented on this website.

The main content of the system are dynamic breathing and physical exercises combined with concentration. Strengthening tendons and muscles, increasing the energy of the person using inner strength. The regular practice of exercise will have a powerful harmonizing and healing effect on the person.

The method is recommended for those who:

Wants to live a long and active life without disease.

Has, but wants to get rid of chronic diseases.

Seek to strengthen mental health, patience, physical strength, and gain flexibility.

To balance Yin and YANG in your body and in consciousness.

In General, it is easy to learn, safe, has no contraindications (except as described below), has no age restrictions, the conditions for practice are minimal. For efficiency, classes and concentrating the mind on the management of internal strength to perform better in the morning (not necessarily, for example, I like to perform just before going to bed, and noticed that sleep like a baby) in a quiet place with clean air that is, before running to ventilate the room, without drafts, ideally in the fresh air.The whole complex is not subject to any restrictions, and important conditions, but still recommended:

moderation in sex (after the sex not worth it);

not to engage in energy and mental illness (fever, exacerbation of chronic disease, in a state of intoxication or after the high psychological stress);

women during menstruation can not be engaged in this complex, during pregnancy only under the supervision of a specialist.

Many people may ask:

So what to choose? Because you always want to start out the best.

Personally I do option from the book of Wang Lin, simply, it was bought by me five years ago. I would advise just simply trust your instincts, one would say that a sedentary system is designed for sick and weak people. The main thing that I realized not only from this system, and all of life:

"We need to take the first step and choose the direction of the path and it will lead you to the place you wanted to get. On another note, I have never met.»

An example of executing a complex:

Video BA Duan Jin — Eight Pieces Of Brocade, Shaolin Style. The medical option. Physician of Shaolin Chan, Shichao. The recording was made in 2007. in the guest house of the Russian center at the Shaolin temple.

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