3 reasons why your perfect body will not make you a happy man

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"If I could lose X pounds, everything would be just perfect!" You may have heard that someone says exactly the same? Or do you say that? It seems that if you instantly lost weight, you would become more confidence, more success, more friends and you would get a Golden ticket to live happily the rest of your life!

Unfortunately, it is not happening. And there are three reasons:

1) Changing your body and not your mind

I know many women who managed to lose weight, but they still had to struggle with heavy thoughts and beliefs that led primarily to the fact that they re-gained weight.

The fundamental thing that needs to change, to change entrenched forever is how you see yourself, that is your "own ideal image".

Chances are that at some point in your life you come from sincere, beautiful and "yourself" as you really are, as a result you become a miserable person. And so it turns out that being unhappy is the trigger that leads to excess weight.

In fact, your being unhappy has nothing to do with your weight. Weight ‒ a side effect of your feeling miserable.

If you want to change it permanently, you need to go back to where it all began.

If you were able to understand that you are a part of something infinitely large, connecting everyone and everything in such a way that it creates beautiful, permanent harmony in every moment of life, everything would be completely different.

You would not be difficult to make a more sensible decision because you would like to read the perfection of your divine self always and everywhere.

2) it's not the final destination

"Typically, what you lack now will make you happy when you get" ‒ Michael Crichton

I completely agree with the above quote.

Think of something that you really wanted to, and how you feel when you finally got it. You felt happy? Possible. You still have the feeling? Maybe not. The probability is that some time you had fun, but then the flame of joy was extinguished and turned into embers, until I finally burned out. The pleasure you felt was when he was on the way to the desired.

Hard work, which you agreed to earn money on what they saw in a store window dress. Those weeks and months when you had to wear worn old shoes to save money on a new pair.

You see, what ultimately leads us to happiness is a perceived problem that needs to be addressed.

That's right... happiness is an inside job. True happiness lies in our movement toward the goal, not the result.

In fact, studies show that those women who adhere to a healthy diet or exercising, I feel happier – even if their bodies do not change!

Mental happiness comes when you set goals and achieve them. When you find the connection with a community of people who have the same views on life and move in the same path as you. When you feel the power of your own body as it grows from workout to workout.

True happiness is in our way to the desired.

3) self-Hatred replaced by love itself, and fear

The reason we are trying to lose weight, get in shape and look great, is our relationship with our body: our love or hatred towards him. We love to hate our bodies.

If I had 50 cents every time I hear someone tells me "I hate my stomach", I'd be super rich and I would write this article with the distant tropical island.

The fact that we carry so much hatred for our form, when we really manage to lose weight, make the stomach flat and tighten the hips, we open the door to fear and will cuddle on the couch.

In this case, the intruder will become the dominant factor in our lives, and we begin to make decisions, proceeding from fear, not love and happiness.

We will raise a glass of champagne to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary of our parents, because we will be afraid of extra calories. We will cancel dinners with friends because we fear that you are passionate about and will move. We will block their way to simple pleasures, like the intoxicating taste of chocolate, because the pressures on us of fear, because we will be afraid to gain a few extra grams.

This fear can completely take over you and ruin your life.

But if you start from a sincere, crazy and deep love for his own "I" and get the body of your dreams as a side effect of this love, you shall thereby, as if hung a sign "occupied" on the door of your soul, and fear runs away, tail between his legs, realizing that it no longer has power over you.

This article could serve as a reminder that sometimes we need to check our motives, for example, when it comes to what we need to fix something in our lives. Self-love and self-acceptance is always the key to success. What do you think about this?


Source: justpost.com.ua


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