Recipes for the lazy: 3 cake without baking

Sometimes you want to cook something tasty, or even to threaten on the recipe of a Grand cake, but stops the oven and unwillingness to use in the oven, and some in the kitchen oven generally not provided. But sometimes still want to please yourself or guests something sweet masterpiece.

In this case we have prepared for you 3 recipe of sweet fun where the oven is not needed. Simple and delicious desserts are sure to become favorites for a lazy sweet tooth. And free time can be spent on decoration of the cake — here your imagination may not know bounds.


1.The marshmallow clouds


  • Печенье300 g
  • Зефир500 g
  • Creamy масло200 g
  • Shelled орехи1 glass
  • Condensed молоко200 ml
  • Chocolate for глазури150 g
  • Сливки30 ml
  • Shokoladka topping

Method of preparation:

Boil a can of condensed milk. Marshmallows, cut lengthwise into halves, biscuits, grate on a grater, grind the nuts.

Condensed milk is triturated with butter until smooth, add the biscuits and nuts, mix.

On a plate for the cake we spread a layer of marshmallows in a circle. Spread the top layer of the resulting cream. Again put a layer of marshmallow and top with a layer of cream. Even it with a spatula the cake.

Chocolate on a steam bath to melt, adding the cream. Slightly cooled glaze and pour the resulting cake. Decorate with fresh berries and sprinkle with chocolate.

Put in the refrigerator not less than 3 hours.

2. Lazy cheesecake Ingredients:

  • Печенье250 g
  • Creamy масло100 g
  • Lemon сок0,5 lemon
  • Вода1 tsp.
  • Сахар0,25 glass
  • Желатин3 tsp.
  • Cream 33% 300 ml
  • Маскарпоне400 g

Method of preparation: Cookies grind into crumbs. Melt the butter and mix it with biscuits. Put the resulting mass on the bottom of a split form, primina well with a spoon.

Squeeze lemon juice into a bowl, add gelatin and water, stir and keep on a water bath to dissolve the gelatin. Add sugar and heated to dissolve the sugar.

Beat with a mixer the cream, gradually mixing in the cream cheese and mascarpone.

Pour in the cream gelatin mixture and gently mix everything together.

Pour the resulting mass on the biscuit-if you need to level and refrigerate not less than 3 hours.

Before serving, decorate according to your taste.

3. Fast ant Ingredients:

  • Corn палочки200 g
  • Condensed молоко1 Bank
  • Creamy масло200 g

Method of preparation:

Condensed milk boil and cool. Butter slightly heated to room temperature and combine with condensed milk.

Adding to the resulting mixture of whole corn sticks and carefully stir to a uniform distribution.

Put the resulting mass on a plate and with a film or foil of the formed cake.

For credibility can be a little sprinkle with poppy seeds, nuts or black sesame seeds.



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